Soccer Vs. Youth Group

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Side 1 says... My son's soccer coach just added a practice for this weekend. It conflicts with a previously scheduled band practice and youth group. The youth group meets every other week, and he is worried about missing playing in the band.

This is his last practice before playing the crosstown rival and his last soccer game for the season. The coach will probably not let him start, and he has started all season.
Added by AmyG (female)
Side 2 says... Our son has been practicing a guitar solo and several songs with his band. They have been scheduled to perform for their youth group on Sunday. The soccer coach canceled a practice today and has now scheduled a practice during the same time as the youth group performance.

Amy is concerned our son will not start for the "big" game against our cross-town rivals if he does not attend the previously unscheduled practice. Personally, I don't care what our son does but I do think it should be his decision.
Added by Gary (male)
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