My Dad Won't Let Me Date A Black Guy

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Side 1 says... I really don't understand why my parents can't see the world we live in today. It's changed and interracial dating is here to stay.

I have been talking to this guy and he's extremely nice, goes to the same college I do, and is a Dean's list student (which is even better than I do). We have so much in common and I've been getting closer to him. The problem is he's half black and my dad had a coniption fit when I said we went to dinner.

He argues it's wrong and even goes into religion on it. I just think he's embarrassed because his friends all think the same way he does. My mother is indifferent...but she won't support me because she doesn't want to upset my father and take sides. I hate this. It's my life and no matter what I'm doing what I want. I just want my dad to explain his views and to see what other people think of me dating a great black man... (Obama '08!!!)
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Side 2 says... I am happy to tell my side since I think more people should hear it. My daughter is growing up is this world and she doesn't notice the changes this nation is undergoing. First, she doesn't realize how this liberal mentality is hurting this nation. Divorce rate is ridiculous. Nobody cares about people anymore. Blacks dating whites. Not when I grew up.

I think morals are gone in people. Interracial dating to me is horrible. I can't fathom my daughter with a black guy and she better not come home with the one she's talking to. I'm not racist as far as hate. I just don't think we should be mixing races. When we do that we lose culture. Yeah, liberals, we gain new cultures, but each one will lose so much more. And that's where the morals are lost too.

I'll be sure to contribute more soon. Bottom line though - it's not welcome in my home!
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