Disciplining Our Toddler

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Side 1 says... We have a son that doesn't listen all that well. He's only just turned 2 a few months ago so he's in that "terrible 2's" stage.

My husband was brought up getting spankings and those methods to being punished. He says he turned out fine, respects authority, and he doesn't see anything wrong with it. I was brought up using time-outs, no dinner, being grounded... I think I turned out fine as well.

I'd rather just have us raise Caleb the way I was brought up but he feels it's completely necessary for a small boy to get whipped once in a while.

What's your thoughts?
Added by alphie (female)
Side 2 says... My parents used to beat me for everything I did wrong. The thing about it is I learned each time until eventually they never really beat me because I wasn't doing too much wrong. I don't resent them for it at all. I knew I was going to get that punishment if I did something wrong and I know that made me listen more than a time out ever would!!

Caleb needs a good smack on the ass. That's all. He'll learn.
Added by stigma65 (male)
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