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Side 1 says... I am writing this on November 7th, and let me just quickly set the stage for you. We were watching the Charlotte Bobcats vs New Orleans Hornets game and in the second quarter the Hornets proceeded to score 7 points! We are now in an argument and we need help to resolve this. I proceeded to state that me and 4 friends could make a 5 team squad and could manage to score 7 points in the 12 minutes allowed for a quarter. My friends are 6'1 5'11 and the rest around 5'8. We aren't great basketball players, but we are pretty good for our age and were between the ages of 18-20. I look at it at the way that the Bobcats can score unlimitedly, but we need to score 7 points in the quarter. I am guessing that we could score a couple free throws, maybe hit a lucky 3, and one 2 pointer. thats only 2 shots we need to make all half. I think this is possible to do, and it will actually show how bad the Hornets had to have played if we can do it! Let's hear you take sides!
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Side 2 says... This kid has said some ridiculous things in his life, but this takes the cake.
The tallest player on our team would be shorter than the point guard on the Bobcats team. Every ball would be swatted instantaneously after leaving our hands. They won't foul us because well they are so much taller and they don't have to. Barring a miracle half court shot not a single point would be scored. These are professional athletes that are much larger, faster, and more talented than us.
I realize that it is only 7 points, but think about the story. They were playing another professional team who on there worst day, which i'm sure they weren't having, are still a hundred times better than our group of players that have never so much as played high school bad (in a bad basketball school). And they only scored 7 points!
He is gay and i rest my case.
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