The Holidays

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Side 1 says... Ok, this isn't fake and we have had this argument for the entire 6 years we have been married.

I think that it should be ok that we opt out of spending the holidays with either side of the family and just stay home and have our own Christmas. In the 8 years we have been together we have managed to spend every holiday with both sides of the family, mostly his because my family wasnt big in the holidays. I just want to be able to not shop for his family for once and spend it with my husband and making a huge Christmas for the both of us without the pressures of family and friends and traveling ( I forget to mention that his family is at least 2 hours away). He says that EVERYONE splits their time with both sides of the family and I think we should not do Christmas with them and just spend the time creating our own traditions.....
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Side 2 says... Ok. So here we go. Let me first say that I have no problem with not spending time with my family for the holidays if we are planning on doing something ourselves out of town. Let me also state that she acutally wants the option of spending time with one side of the family and not the other. I believe that if you are going to spend time with your family for Christmas that both sides are included. I have always spent time with my Family for the holidays, and have always wanted to include my wife in that time with me. She makes it seem as though I am dragging her across the world in 80 days or something because she doesnt want to leave the house. Granted, while Christmas is supposed to be about family, and my wife is my family, my entire family still gets together for the holdidays.

We both have very busy schedules and since my family does live and hour and a half or two away, the holidays are the few times a year we can get away to get up there to see everyone at the same time. We do not have any children at this time, and I do agree that when we have children, changes will be made and they probably will be coming to us a lot more than us going up there as it was when I was growing up.

My argument is that nearly everyone in this world who celebrates Christmas and their family lives within a reasonable driving distance splits their time between both sides of the family unless they go on vacation during the holidays, or go out of town to see relatives. AM I SO WRONG?????
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