I Think He May Have Been Cheating

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Side 1 says... Ok my boyfriend works on a farm and during strawberry season they contract cambodians in to pick the berrys. Well needless to say there was this one lady he seemed to always brag about how good of a picker she was etc. Well after berry season was over her and her husband moved a couple states away. One night about 11pm My boyfriend gets a text message.( and he never gets texts) He read it and said hmm.. I dont know who this is from. I said let me read it. He said no, I will read it to you cause you are going to freak out. I said no let me see it. So he started shaking and handed me the phone. The message read "I miss you so much" I hope you didn't forget me". "So many guys like me but I like you". "It is just a dream for me though". It was like chopped english so I knew it was someone that didnt know very good english, and it clicked in my head. I said its a cambodian..he said oh yeah I bet that it is. He claimed one of the ladie pickers had asked him a lot of questions one day about if he had a Gf and if she lived with him etc. apparently he told her yes,yes ,yes and asked why she wanted to know and she replied "maybe I like you". Well I tried texting and calling the number to figure out what the hell was moves on her something?? (dont forget I am playing like I am him this hole time)going on but no answer. He claimed nothing ever went on etc between them. I still thought it was strange! I ended up keeping his phone with me the next day while he was at work and I texted her that day and was trying to get info from her. I tryed to beat around the bush to find out if they had sex etc. (wasnt easy) But she had replied " I was nervous that day at you place" and wasnt ready yet". I dont know if she was at our house with him or if she was refering to the work place! Then I almost felt maybe he put the moves on her at some point. Then I texted her well I am happy with my girl and want nothing to do with you. She texts back "Well I trust men no more". WHy would she say that? Also she came out and texed "well the $2,000 I loan you to fix you car you can slowly pay back to me and I still come to your state once a month to see friends". I about flipped. My Bf told me that he had got a $2,000 bonus from his work..And now I find out she gave it to him. I just dont know what to think of all this..Help! Oh I also asked him how she got his phone number and he said he had no clue. I asked her in the text and she said "you give it to me"!!!
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Side 2 says... I fully understand how bad this looks. I honestly haven't ever done anything with any other woman since I began my relationship with my current girlfriend. Her and I are both very similar in respect to having friends of the opposite sex. I know that her being friends with guys would bother me alot, so on this occasion I kept my friendship with another female to myself. I will say that I feel that this friend did like me and possibly wanted more, but I didn't want that. I love my girlfriend and do not ever want to lose her. This woman is married, and I know that her husband mistreats her. I simply offered a sympathetic ear and she started to like me. I too have a hard time sometimes understanding what these people are saying or trying to say because they speak very brooken english. It was never my intention to mislead anyone. The only reason I didn't tell my girlfriend that I was friends with this woman is because I knew the kind of drama it would create. I fully admit that it was wrong of me to try to cover up our friendship, and in hindsight will never make that mistake again. I don't have room in my life for many friends anyway, so in the future I won't get remotely personal with any woman that I am not already friends with. To re-assure my girlfriend, I have changed my cell phone number and have even pffered to get rid of my cell all together. We are currently planning our wedding and I would do anything she wanted to prove to her that she is the only one for me. Her and I have been through alot together and this wasn't even the worst of it. However, this is the only mistake that I have made. She just won't let it go, even though she lied to me and cheated on me and she expects me to let that go. As far as I know, she is the only girl that has done that to me. That was enough to make me look at cheating in a whole different way. Her and I have both cheated on ex's but what I went through when my current girlfriend cheated made me never want to be a part of anything like that again. Now I know how it feels from both sides of the situation. I would never wish the pain that I went through on anyone, nor would I ever seek revenge on my girlfriend for what she did. If that was the case, than I would freely admit it if I had done it. Then we could "be even" and maybe get past all this shit. Also, allow me to say that I can't believe that our personal business is being put out there on the internet for uninformed people to give their opinions. Unless you have lived with us for the last 2 years, than you have no idea all the things that we have really been through.
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