To Obama Or Not To Obama...On Economic Policy

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Side 1 says... Side 1 is for the people who believe the plan laid out by Obama on economic stimulus will work. Discussion will be geared toward the positives of his policies.

Cut taxes for the middle and low-income families

Increase taxes for those making more than $250,000 per year

Use increased payroll taxes on high-income workers to help augment Social Security

Establish health insurance mandates for companies and individuals

Tax oil companies and use the money to help low-income individuals

Lessen the deficit by cutting earmarks to their 2001 levels and requiring lawmakers to make budget cuts in order to pass new spending

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Side 2 says... Side 2 is for the naysayers of Obama's economic stimulus plan. Discussion will be geared toward the negatives of his policies.

Be fair...give your opinion but try and use facts to back it up.
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