Christmas Spend Limit On Kids

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Side 1 says... we have two children - Caleb, 11, and Jake, 9. I love to buy them the things they wanted throughout the year. Now they are getting older and the toys they want are much more expensive than they used to be. They want a Wii, Caleb wants a new bike and some games, and Jake wants a few pricy things to. Aside from that, I have to buy them the things they don't really want (school clothes, socks, etc.).

I'm happy to buy our kids all they want this Christmas but my husband thinks we should limit our spend on each kid to $250. I just don't think he realizes how much kids cost.
Added by santamom (female)
Side 2 says... does our 9 year old need his own cell phone? she didn't tell you that. i know we should give our kids the toys they want but i'm not gonna go overboard on them and have them expect it always. i hate to see spoiled children and i think a wii with a few games, some school things, and stocking stuffers is plenty for them (just so you know i'm against the whole video game thing cos i think kids waste too much time on it and it's addicting).
Added by santadad (male)
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