Concert Tickets- Who To Bring?

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Side 1 says... My boyfriend and my two year anniversary is February 4th. I knew of a concert coming to town February 5th, and talked to him about going, and he said he didn't care to buy tickets, because neither of us really have the money to right now.

A few days later, I was driving around town with my old roommate when we heard the radio station giving away a pair of tickets to that concert. We both tried calling, and I actually got through and won. We were both screaming and laughing and she said "You better Bring me!" and I said "Of course I'll bring you."

In the back of my mind I immediately was annoyed because I wanted to bring my boyfriend, I still do, but I felt obligated to bring her because she was with me when I won them, and if she had won I would have expected her to bring me (she's single, however...)

I think it would be a really great date for our anniversary and I want to bring my boyfriend, but I already told her I would bring her. I'm scared to break the plans with her because she already gives me crap about blowing her off for my boyfriend, and hanging out with him every day, so I don't want to hurt our friendship. But I haven't talked to her since, she doesn't call me ever, she hasn't made any attempt to hang out with me in a while, and I feel like she would be using me. Not only that, she told me originally that she wanted to go with her other friend, but would rather go with me because it would be free. That made me feel like she wants to go with someone else, but will just go with me because she doesn't want to pay. I don't want to be a bad friend, but if I want to go with my boyfriend and she wanted to go with someone else anyway, doesn't it make more sense to do that?
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Side 2 says... I was with Airica when she won and I was calling too. If I would of won I would bring her, the only reason we don't hang out as much anymore is because she is always hanging out with her boyfriend. He told her he didnt really like Rascal Flats and I love them. Yeah I did say I wanted to go with Erin but that was before Airica won free tickets. Shes with him all the time I figured this would be something fun to do.
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