Baby Fever Issues

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Side 1 says... We aren't connecting on the baby front. My husband feels that we aren't in a position to have a baby yet. He feels we are too into living our own lives to start a family. I disagree.

We always travel, go out to eat, and live life to the fullest. But, I am ready to give all that up now to have a baby. I'm 33 and I really want to have kids. He's too into the social life, still likes to get completely smashed on weekends and I'm not sure he has the sense to stop if we had a child.
Added by homemakr (female)
Side 2 says... I would love kids. Just not now. I don't think we need to change our lives. We've only been married 2 years and I think we should experience life more before we settle down to that. She knows how goood I am with kids. All our friends couples kids always want to play with me.

She's just in baby fever and thinks she may not have much time left. All her friends are either pregnant or have kids and now she wants to pressure me into it. I don't feel we need to have kids just because everyone else is doing it.
Added by 2122344 (male)
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