The Dead Dog

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Side 2
Side 1 says... From my perspective, after the unfortunate break up between two souls there is only one medicine for such a heartache. My medicine is chocolate, red wine and a good shag.
However Ryan, my ex-girlfriend, was slightly possessive of me and had a tendency to never let me go and be free. At first she was lovely, however after commenting on personal things which no woman should comment on.
I ended the relationship as quick as you could say 'eggshell hoodlum'. Now mostly when i end women, i send a letter of apology followed by several kisses and a packet of love-hearts.
She however sent me a dead dog.
Im still staring at the dead dog which lies on my hookers green doormat. I don't know what to do.
It twitches every now and again. What should a man do about this predicament?
Added by Holliday (male)
Side 2 says... What can i say?
He used me, and was always looking at other people and it drove me crazy. I wrote him songs and poems and stood at his window and made sure he slept well at night, even in the pouring rain, that's dedication you know.
He loved his dog more than me, I did what i had to do. He sent me love hearts, so i sent him a pigs heart, to show my devotion.
On valentines day i will make sure no one else has him and we will be together, he can have all the love hearts he wants.
I go through his bins buts that only to make sure he isn't throwing anything away to do with me, plus i get to keep his dirty tissues etc so one day i may be able to clone him. and have two June's.
June, one day you will be mine.

Added by Ryanthegirl (female)
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