Gas Or Pizza Hut?

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Side 1 says... We're hitting hard times right now with me being laid off and she's barely working. It's a struggle to make ends meet most of the time.

My problem is I can't get Della to stop eating out for lunch. Every day shes at a different place. I want her to brown bag it for a while until we can get back on our feet. she feels that since she's working she can go out to lunch and that I should be sacrificing my lunchs (which I do).

I'm actively looking everyday but it's like she's lost respect for me or something because i'm out of work. She doesn't take me seriously anymore. I'm not trying to be soemone who tells their wife what to do but I'd like her to realize those lunches amount to almost a full tank of gas a week.

She doesn't, though.
Added by Chaos8 (male)
Side 2 says... I get it, Jim. We're in a bad place. Just realize though that lunch with the people I work with is the only thing I get to do. I've cut back a lot. We don't go out to dinner. We don't go shopping for new clothes.

I sacrifice. You never give me credit.
Added by WaxyWay (female)
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