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Side 1 says... I use Facebook because I find it to be a convenient and efficient way to keep in touch with Friends.

My Girlfriend believes that it is a complete waste of time and that only losers use facebook so they can show how many friends they have and post pictures of themselves to show off. She also feels that it is only for people who want to pick up... I say that is no different from going to a bar. Some people go to pick up, others go to catch up with friends, and I use if for the later.

It's like an address book for friends who I don't speak to regularly as it can be hard to keep in touch with people you don't see often. I also find it informative about some events. eg. I recently received a Pre Wedding invitation via FB. I also occasionally look at friends photo's of events, kids or holidays as it's not always convenient for them to carry photos everywhere they go.

I usually log in a few times a week after work or sometimes during work if I get a Message sent to me directly but often I don't look for weeks.

She feels very strongly about FB being for wankers... We've had long arguments on many occasions leaving a feeling of resentment between us as she can't accept that I use facebook for valuable reasons.

I say.. who cares.. just don't use it and don't judge me for it just because you don't like it.
Added by Victim (male)
Side 2 says... Facebook is NOT simply used for "keeping in touch" with friends. That's what phone calls, text messages and emails are for. Facebook is primarily used by insecure people trying to validate their self worth by accumulating as many "friends" as possible ... even though most of these so-called "friends" are people they don't keep in touch with or connect with on any other level. Many of my fellow FB-haters also agree that Facebook is mainly used by men to perve, flirt with and pick-up women. That being said, it makes me uncomfortable that my boyfriend only changed his status from "single" to "in a relationship" after I had this discussion with him. I've never asked my boyfriend to stop using Facebook however I don't understand why he needs it in his life. He's not insecure, and he tells me he's not trying to pick up. Whenever we discuss it he goes to great lengths to defend himself, which only makes me more angry, because I wonder if he does have something to hide ?
Added by Sam1 (female)
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