Am I Wrong In This College-High School Thing?

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Side 1 says... I started dating Jamie when I was a high school senior and she was in 10th grade. Now, I'm in college and there's so many parties and temptation I decided to break up with her before I did anything. She hates me for it and said I never cared enough about her and that's why I'm doing this and not to spare her feelings.

I do care and this is why I did it first. I am honest in saying I will be doing something with a girl here at school and it was gonna happen eventually. She thinks I'm lying. Please tell her I did the right thing in a wrong situation.
Added by jjK09 (male)
Side 2 says... He is a d*ck. He didn't wait. sure he waited to have sex with her, but where I see it, making out with another girl and having her stay in your dorm room cos she was drunk is called CHEATING!

Say what you want. You're still wrong and I never did anything to you to ever deserve to be cheated on. By the way, now that you're telling your's mine: I'm with Kevin now (you know, the friend I always talked about). Enjoy thinking about that!!
Added by screwedover (female)
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