Dorm Room Fantasy

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Side 1 says... So I have this friend that's a girl (not girlfriend) and I know she has feelings for me because everytime we get drunk together she tries to hit on me. Anyway, I try not to mess around while she's around until this past weekend.

I had a small party in my room and this super hot girl I really want was there with a friend from home. Of course my friend was also there. Long story short we all get drunk, it's about 3 AM, and I finally make a move on the hot girl I wanted. I did this in the hallway and my friend walked out in the middle, poured a beer on my head, called me an a$$hole, and left.

I went back into my room. That's as far as it went with her though I did also make out with her friend to (kinda like a spin the bottle beer game which was awesome)!!!

Anyway, I don't think my 'friend' should have done any of what she did. I love being friends with her but that is as far as it will ever go. I never led her on and don't intend to. We are just close friends and I think she's wrong for doing it.
Added by AlmostDepp (male)
Side 2 says... Ok, don't go tooting your own horn. I think you're attractive but I wouldn't stoop to do things like that because you wanted another girl. At the party you treated me like I wasn't there, like I was too ugly to be your friend, and I don't think you wanted those girls to know we were friends.

I guess you don't remember you making that comment about my weight (aka big a**) cos you were drunk, but that was why I did that.

We're still friends, but just know I told her friend we've done stuff before (even though you won't admit it) while you were out in the hall making out. Sorry, LOL.
Added by seriously7 (female)
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