Right To Be A Vegetarian!

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Side 1 says... I am 15, and I have a right to choose whether or not to be a vegetarian. My dad disagrees, and says it is his job as a father to monitor what I eat, and make sure I'm healthy. I agree, except for the fact that you CAN get all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, and proteins by being a vegetarian. I eat the soy burgers, drink the soy milk, eat the lentil soup, and basically eat and drink everything he buys for me that will keep me healthy. Sometimes he doesn't buy anything for me, and so I take a GreenSource pill. Now, money is tight, but he can definitely afford to but me some soy milk instead of that box of donuts, no?

He claims I am ruining my life and not getting proper nutrition, and has even threatened to take me out of karate, or my advanced education program if I don't eat meat. He's even resorted to bribing me with money! He mocks me about it all the time, and makes me feel like $hit instead of supporting me with this. He INSISTS that he's right, and that I'm ruining my life, and destroying my body. My grades haven't dropped (and if they have, it's because I'm in a highly advanced program), and I feel fine. I think he needs to get off his high horse, and just accept my decision.
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Side 2 says... Okay first of all, at 15 years old, you really don't have any "rights", only privileges. It's a privilege to have food at all. Some people don't. It is my job to make sure my daughter gets the proper nutrition for her not yet adult body. Surely no one disagrees with that.My daughter is right when she says we can get all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, and proteins by being a vegetarian. However, she claims that she eats soy burgers, and other "healthy stuff" The problem is that she DOES NOT get the proper Protein and nutrients from what she say's she is eating. Donuts, Cookies, Cake, and nasty carbs are at various times her main staples for the day. If she took a multi-vit every day, AND ate the proper balance of amino acids, then she would be right. PLEASE help me all you Vegans out there. To be able to not eat meat is a choice, but it takes diligence and dedication. My point is that she could eat small amounts of say, free range chicken especially on the days where she didn't eat a very healthy diet. Since she seems NOT to be able to handle this along with her HUGE school workload (We are soooo proud of her!) I suggested she waits until she is 18, and then she can make her own choices. I think compromise is in order. That's all I am saying.
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