Dating Sides

  • Jealous Of My Beauty

    Hi gang, My gf is driving me crazy by hiding her beauty products. I love using her shampoo, exfoliator and...

    957   |   49
  • He Had A Lapdance...

    After having been friends with my boyfriend we started dating. I am so in love with him I can't stand...

    1,712   |   83
  • He Kissed My Friend.

    My friend, that I met last year, wanted to go out last weekend. I kept telling her that I didn't...

    1,156   |   31
  • Drive Me Home

    Whenever me and my gf go out to parties she hardly ever drives home. Instead I'm the one that drives...

    854   |   26
  • Is This Normal?

    i am in a relation with someone, pretty goog one. Devoted boyfriend that what I thought. 4 months ago I went...

    908   |   37
  • Dog Desires Tearing Us Apart

    My girlfriend and I live in an apartment. She moved here with a yorkshire terrier that proved too dysfunctional for...

    981   |   29
  • Made Up W GF - She's Taking Fling Trip W New Guy

    My girlfriend and I have a long distance relationship for a couple of years. We been debating for about 6 months

    1,189   |   35
  • Jealous Of Porn

    Straight to the girlfriend is jealous of me watching porn. She hates the fact that I get off...

    1,736   |   74
  • Religion And My Atheist Fiance

    Religion is a big part of my life. I'm from the South and my family and I have always gone...

    1,338   |   93
  • Never Go To A Pow Wow

    This story might seem messed up, but it is true. Me and my girl friend Mable were at a pow...

    1,278   |   33
  • My Girlfriend Does Not Want To Get Married

    My girlfriend and I have been together for 61/2 months. She says she loves me and would like to be with...

    1,353   |   38
  • She Never Lets Me Win At Tetris!

    I used to love playing Tetris with Nicole, and at times I used it to get to know her before...

    1,596   |   57
  • What Happened To Chivalry?

    When we dated and were engaged, David would open doors, pull out my chair at dinner, buy me random gifts,...

    3,535   |   88
  • Big Girl In The Making

    My girlfriend is gaining weight. It's an issue for me. I've busted my butt to maintain a good body for...

    8,012   |   240
  • Summer Fling Turns Serious

    I met a guy early this summer and we really hit it off. We both worked at a restaurant in...

    5,103   |   117
  • Flowers For Everything

    We fight a lot and every time we do, he buys flowers and thinks that's all he should need to...

    2,333   |   77
  • My Final Destination

    Chris works with a lot of other guys of similar orientation and travels as a flight attendant. He's a wonderful,

    1,762   |   50
  • Along Came Polly - The Real Version

    Katie and I aren't married, but we did take a romantic getaway vacation to the Bahamas in June. We were...

    5,110   |   209
  • Nightclubbing Is Hurting Our Relationship

    I'm a bartender (obviously) and I met Angel while I was working one night. She came in with 3 girlfriends and...

    2,331   |   65
  • Not Enough Attention

    Kristen doesn't give me enough attention. She's so caught up in the Olympics right now we haven't been intimate in 2

    1,766   |   37