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  • Should We Break Up?

    Me and my boyfriend ahve been together for 2 and a bit years. we met in france and while i am...

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  • Temper And Constant Annoyances

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 months. We've been really close for years before though so I pretty...

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  • Girl Hanging With The Ex

    so, my best friend is getting home from his baseball season in hawaii and his family is throwing him a...

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  • The Girl Im Datin Is Giving Me An Ultimatum!!!

    Ive been seeing this girl on and of since 8 years back. During this time we have lost contact a couple...

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  • I Think He May Have Been Cheating

    Ok my boyfriend works on a farm and during strawberry season they contract cambodians in to pick the berrys. Well

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  • Ex-Boyfriend Texting My Girlfriend

    We've been dating for 2 months and went out last night to this place in Austin. Anyway, she got really drunk...

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  • Who She Runs To When We Fight

    When we fight, my girlfriend always runs to this other guy for comfort. She's not looking for sex from him....

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  • Depressed And She's No Help

    I recently lost my job due to downsizing becasuse of the economy. My girlfriend has not bee n supportive at...

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  • Do I Leave The Sweetest Girl In The World?

    I have been dating the most wonderful person I have ever met. She is sweet, kind, intelligent, caring, senstive, etc.

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  • Girls Sleeping Over

    now, and the one thing that keeps on coming back in terms of us arguing is these instances of girls...

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  • Inviting My Mom On His Family Vacation

    My fiance and I are going on a caribbean vacation with his family next March, paid for by his parents....

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  • LD Relationship And Can't Agree Who Should Move!

    We met online and fell in love! Problem is that I live in Delaware and he lives in Arizona. So...

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  • Jealous Girlfriend

    I hope, this community can help me and give some useful advice. I am a man in his mid forties,...

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  • My Boyfriend Won't Let Me Go Out To A Club

    I've been with my boyfriend for 8 monhts now and he is 16 going on 17 in Decemeber. I'm going to turn 18 in...

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  • She Just Doesn't Get It

    My girlfriend Amber is a really cute and especially smart girl. I deeply love her not least for her intelligence,...

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  • College Sorority

    I live 30min away from home and go to college. I came knowing I wanted to join a sorority. He...

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  • Bored With My Man

    Been with my fiancee for about 4 years and the relationship is getting quite boring. We never go out and do...

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  • Jealous Much?

    Before I met my boyfriend of over a year I used to attend Trivia night at a local bar with...

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  • Wet Ot Dry Boots?

    Last night I had a huge argument with my fiancée. It was raining the whole day and I was...

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  • Peeing On Your Partner In The Shower

    My boyfriend wants to urinate on me in the shower, claiming it will wash off. I said no but he...

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