Marriage Sides

  • Internet Flirting

    my wife had a job that took her out of the country for one month. So I was a lot...

    638   |   37
  • Materialistic Things Mean More Than Me

    Unfortunately this is a problem that has been going on for 8 years now. A little history: when we married things...

    449   |   46
  • Trust Issues

    Ok so here is the thing. I have caught my husband in soooo many lies. He lies about money, he...

    374   |   29
  • Purses, Purses, Purses!

    I LOVE PURSES. My wife thinks that I'm excessive, and everytime I get a new one she roles her eyes...

    592   |   29
  • She Cheated With Her Boss! She Has Cheated Before

    Whenever I catch my wife cheating she swears it was only a result of being bipolar, that it was her...

    646   |   42
  • Getting Sperm Tested.

    We are trying to get pregnanent, to overcome unplessant surprises we have desided to get my sperm tested. We went...

    613   |   27
  • Killing Me Softly (with Chocolate)

    I have high cholesterol, no willpower, and a sweet tooth the dize of Cleveland. My wife knows this. And yet...

    592   |   28
  • Bloody Sheets

    OK, so I love my husband dearly, but we happen to have different ideas when it comes to "needs" vs. "...

    955   |   54
  • Husband Looks At Teen Porn

    My husband has long had an interest in online pornography. I'm not thrilled with this aspect of our relationship but

    1,020   |   126
  • Always In It For Himself

    I think this may be a common problem amongst us women and the men in our lives. My guy is...

    618   |   30
  • Am I Supportive?

    So after two kids in close succession my partner (who is a brilliant mother and home maker) has decided to...

    711   |   33
  • Refilling The Toilet Paper Roll

    Whenever I refill the toilet paper roll in either of our bathrooms, I don't really pay attention to which direction...

    816   |   41
  • Switching Of The Household Chores Double Standard

    My wife always complains I never do some of her chores for her. She wants me to clean the toilets,...

    827   |   30
  • Decoy Cookies In The Cabinet? So Annoying

    My lovely husband and I love to eat snacks. He has a tendency to put empty containers of cookies back...

    1,017   |   29
  • My Fiance Is Choosing His Parent's Dog Over Me

    My fiance looks after his parent's dog whenever they go travelling which is, on average, four months out of the...

    852   |   40
  • Curtains: Keep Them Closed Or Open???

    So my husband and I have a disagreement on when to keep the curtains to our home opened or closed....

    815   |   28
  • Getting Cold Feet

    I've been seeing this guy for a few months, and some little things are beginning to get on my nerves....

    791   |   42
  • I Miss My Husband...Terribly

    My husband of almost 7 years and the love of my life and my very best friend told me the end...

    1,409   |   141
  • Unwanted Hair

    I'm sorry baby. you know I love you but there's the one thing I've asked you to do that you...

    1,141   |   40
  • Husband Issues

    My husband and I seem to fight alot sometimes. When we do he always tells me to leave. I always...

    1,028   |   30

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