Parenting Sides

  • Play By Play

    I have a responsible 16 year old son who is taking his younger brother of 5 to a wrestling practice. After the...

    143   |   34
  • Stay At Home Mom Who Wants A Five Minute Break

    I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful baby girls. One is 2 1/2 and the other is 16 months. I...

    283   |   137
  • Kids Drinking In A Movie Theatre

    My girlfriend said that she will not allow the kids to drink in a movie theatre... even water! I can...

    299   |   70
  • Is This An Unreasonable Request?

    My husband works 5 days a week & for those 5 days is up at 5.00am (home by about 4.00pm). He works at...

    241   |   73
  • My Husband Thinks I'm Too Harsh.

    My husband I have been married five and a half years. Together for eight. We have threee children. Two living...

    117   |   39
  • Who Can Change Baby Diapers?

    Our daughter is a little over a year old and she needed her diaper changed - she was sick and...

    613   |   96
  • Christmas Spend Limit On Kids

    we have two children - Caleb, 11, and Jake, 9. I love to buy them the things they wanted throughout the year....

    389   |   35
  • The BAD Mother

    In 1999 I married the "love of my life", or so I thought... I was 18 so I really didn't know any...

    500   |   54
  • Disciplining Our Toddler

    We have a son that doesn't listen all that well. He's only just turned 2 a few months ago so he's...

    501   |   55
  • Wife Demanded Ritilin For Our Daughter !

    My daughter was an active exciting child and my wife with no medical training and a teacher with even less...

    308   |   0
  • Homework In Schools

    This idea came from the www.edtechtalk/live conversation in which I participated earlier. The topic was homework. As

    417   |   26
  • I Was Raped By My Step Dad And My Mom Didn't Care

    My step dad molested me from the time I was 10 until he got me pregnant in 8th grade. I told...

    409   |   0
  • Underage Tatoo !!

    My underage daughter went to a tatoo parlor and got a tatoo on her wrist. The parlor did not check...

    832   |   112
  • Wife Allowed 17 Year Old Daughter To Go To Calif

    The morning after our 17 year olds birthday party my wife allowed and facillitated our daughter to get on a plane...

    822   |   77
  • Private School Is For Snobs!

    Okay, I'm overstating the case. But my wife and I do have a donnybrook in the making: private versus public...

    582   |   29
  • Baby Feeding Schedule Gone Bad!

    my wife and i were blessed with a beautiful baby girl earlier this year. i was reading my wifes baby...

    865   |   28

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