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  • All I Want To Do Is Work And I Need My Brother's Help
    36   |   2   |   Family (Extended)
  • Student Debt Bailout Vs Illegals Free Healthcare
    58   |   2   |   Money
  • Jenelle Evans Is Not A Fit Mother
    41   |   0   |   Parenting
  • Why Can't I Have The Boots?

    I'm going to be seeing a few high school friends I haven't seen in almost 10 years and I want to...

    27   |   0   |   Money
  • Gas money between friends

    My friend and I are college grad students. He has a car, although he hardly ever drives it. I think...

    11   |   2   |   Friends
  • We Aren't Having Sex And He's Sexually Frustrated

    We live together now but we are waiting until marriage to have sex, and he definitely respects that, but he...

    10   |   7   |   Dating
  • Boyfriend Stayed Out All Night

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and have been living together for about 2. He's gotten into some

    9   |   3   |   Dating
  • Husband Caught Watching "stepdaughter Porn"

    I was aware of my husband watching porn, that was never really an issue as long as i beleived it...

    11   |   5   |   Marriage
  • All Drugs Should Be Legal

    I'm having a fight with a friend of mine about how we should legalize all drugs and let people handle...

    28   |   4   |   Politics
  • A "blogging" Issue

    I wanted to make a humor blog with my friend, as the both of us are good at it, but...

    18   |   2   |   General
  • Fan Dispute

    My roommate and I live in a dorm that has no air conditioning. She wants her fan on, like, all...

    38   |   8   |   Roommates
  • Messy Apartment Dispute

    I got married 7 years ago and live in my wife's apartment. I kept my old apartment and use it as...

    28   |   9   |   Parent/Child
  • In Hot Water Over A Coffee Order

    My folks text from a coffee shop, offering to bring us something. He says, "Order me a mocha or a...

    62   |   22   |   Marriage
  • Roommate Window Argument

    Okay so I am in college and my roommate and I share a room. She always wants the window open...

    48   |   7   |   Roommates
  • My Husband Invites Strangers To Our Home

    My husband hosts a podcast from our basement, and he'll occasionally invite local "celebrities" to interview them. i'm

    62   |   11   |   Marriage
  • Streaks In The Toilet

    My husband and I have been together for 11 years and for the most part it's been incredible. We do get...

    41   |   9   |   Money
  • Pretending To Care About Me

    I've become really good friends with Jesse and I thought it was going somewhere. We have all the same interests....

    37   |   6   |   Friends
  • Using My DVDs As Coasters

    My wife lets the kids use our DVDs and CDs like coasters and they're getting all scratched up. This is...

    94   |   15   |   Parenting
  • If He Strays I Won't Stay

    I have no sex drive anymore. It almost makes me sick to have sex anymore and I don't know why....

    73   |   34   |   Marriage
  • No Sex Here

    I am living in a sexless marriage. My wife is no longer attracted to me apparently because she finds better...

    107   |   53   |   Marriage

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