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  • Drive Me Home

    Whenever me and my gf go out to parties she hardly ever drives home. Instead I'm the one that drives...

    854   |   26   |   Dating
  • I Miss My Husband...Terribly

    My husband of almost 7 years and the love of my life and my very best friend told me the end...

    1,409   |   141   |   Marriage
  • Unwanted Hair

    I'm sorry baby. you know I love you but there's the one thing I've asked you to do that you...

    1,141   |   40   |   Marriage
  • Is This Normal?

    i am in a relation with someone, pretty goog one. Devoted boyfriend that what I thought. 4 months ago I went...

    908   |   37   |   Dating
  • Dog Desires Tearing Us Apart

    My girlfriend and I live in an apartment. She moved here with a yorkshire terrier that proved too dysfunctional for...

    981   |   29   |   Dating
  • Husband Issues

    My husband and I seem to fight alot sometimes. When we do he always tells me to leave. I always...

    1,028   |   30   |   Marriage
  • Made Up W GF - She's Taking Fling Trip W New Guy

    My girlfriend and I have a long distance relationship for a couple of years. We been debating for about 6 months

    1,189   |   35   |   Dating
  • Jealous Of Porn

    Straight to the girlfriend is jealous of me watching porn. She hates the fact that I get off...

    1,736   |   74   |   Dating
  • Religion And My Atheist Fiance

    Religion is a big part of my life. I'm from the South and my family and I have always gone...

    1,338   |   93   |   Dating
  • This Is OUR Day, Not Our DOG'S Day

    I love my fiancee. I love my dog too. But the dog has no business at a wedding. She is...

    1,137   |   43   |   Marriage
  • Mound Of Paperwork

    My husband recently went to the doctor and they needed paperwork completed before hand. He called 20 minutes before the

    1,015   |   31   |   Money
  • The EX That Won't Go Away!

    I've been seeing Jim for a couple of months now. We've gotten really serious and I'm really falling for him....

    1,124   |   38   |   Bitter Ex
  • Will It Fly?

    My buddy and I keep arguing about about this stupid riddle that we read on the internet. It goes like...

    1,010   |   22   |   Friends
  • Never Go To A Pow Wow

    This story might seem messed up, but it is true. Me and my girl friend Mable were at a pow...

    1,278   |   33   |   Dating
  • Feels Less Desirable

    I wouldn't say I'm addicted to sex but every other day would be nice. Everytime I try to turn on...

    1,279   |   28   |   Marriage
  • Baby Feeding Schedule Gone Bad!

    my wife and i were blessed with a beautiful baby girl earlier this year. i was reading my wifes baby...

    865   |   28   |   Parenting
  • He Was My 'friend' That Had A 'crush' On My Sister

    I'm just using the same letter that I sent to my friend.... I'll take the names out...!! Scott, I don't...

    1,286   |   32   |   Friends
  • My Girlfriend Does Not Want To Get Married

    My girlfriend and I have been together for 61/2 months. She says she loves me and would like to be with...

    1,353   |   38   |   Dating
  • What's Wrong With Me Buying A Gucci Purse?

    I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to buy this one particular Gucci purse which is less than a...

    2,862   |   176   |   Money
  • Pop Vs. Soda

    So Lisa and I were out at dinner the other night. The waiter comes around to take our drink order...

    1,793   |   80   |   General