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  • She Lost Weight Now Loves New Attention

    She used to be a wallflower. She never wanted to be the center of attention. Now that's she's lost 40lbs...

    2,692   |   63   |   Marriage
  • My Final Destination

    Chris works with a lot of other guys of similar orientation and travels as a flight attendant. He's a wonderful,

    1,762   |   50   |   Dating
  • Never Flushes The Toilet (Not Lazy - Cheap)

    My husband is constantly complaining about little things in our house that annoy him and he drives me nuts with...

    6,228   |   178   |   Marriage
  • Along Came Polly - The Real Version

    Katie and I aren't married, but we did take a romantic getaway vacation to the Bahamas in June. We were...

    5,110   |   209   |   Dating
  • Never Offers To Cook, Clean, Or Shop

    My hubby never lifts a finger in our house. He feels since he is the primary breadwinner he shouldn't have...

    3,825   |   142   |   Marriage
  • Nightclubbing Is Hurting Our Relationship

    I'm a bartender (obviously) and I met Angel while I was working one night. She came in with 3 girlfriends and...

    2,331   |   65   |   Dating
  • Bachelor Party Guy Trip Suspicions!

    A few weeks ago, my husband went on an all guys trip for their last single friend's bachelor party. The...

    2,460   |   73   |   Marriage
  • Not Enough Attention

    Kristen doesn't give me enough attention. She's so caught up in the Olympics right now we haven't been intimate in 2

    1,766   |   37   |   Dating
  • Money! Money! Money! It's All He Cares About!

    I like to shop and I think we both make enough money for us to be able to spend a...

    3,917   |   133   |   Marriage
  • She Destroyed Me

    I've never been so hurt at the ease Sarah had of literally dumping me because of a little prank. I've...

    5,318   |   0   |   Dating

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