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  • Her And The Facebook Spy Machine

    I'm very uncomfortable with my wife being on facebook. She uploads photos and writes status updates and chats with her

    23   |   10   |   Technology
  • Sister In Brothers Wedding...

    My brother and I are 5 years apart. We have always been close as it is just us 2 kids. He is...

    17   |   26   |   Marriage
  • Sexual Displeasure

    My friend Jeff and I have recently turned things up a notch and decided to (drunkingly the first time but...

    17   |   11   |   Friends
  • Two Pieces Of Cake

    I got ridiculed for eating a second piece of a delicious cake I never get unless on vacation. My husband...

    10   |   7   |   Marriage
  • Ann Curry Or This Savannah Guthrie Bimbo?

    I'm sorry but I'm a little upset. Meredith was great but I have always adored Ann Curry. They give her...

    2   |   11   |   Entertainment
  • Swearing On TV Now OK - WTF?

    The Supreme Court has now axed the FCC's TV Obscenity rules and now TV broadcasters are allowed to swear and...

    12   |   8   |   Entertainment
  • Sister Went Out With My Crush Secretly!

    My big sister thought it was ok to go out with a guy I been crushing on for like 3 years!...

    10   |   7   |   Family (Extended)
  • Stuck In The 50s & Dinner At 6

    He grew up there and he's stayed there while everyone else has moved on . He still believes in a lot...

    11   |   27   |   Marriage
  • JCPenney Throwing Gay In Everyone's Faces

    JCPennGay is my new target. To actually use the ridiculousness of homosexuality to push your wares. Sickening. This

    23   |   57   |   Politics
  • New Casey Anthony Movie

    So my wife can't wait to see this movie they are doing about Casey Anthony - that girl that killed...

    5   |   6   |   Entertainment
  • He Sold My Grammum's Chair!

    My grammum died about 8 years ago but we've kept this antique and family heirloom she willed to us. It's an...

    10   |   10   |   Money
  • Atheism Banana Vs God

    Over the years I've been transformed into someone who has expanded his mind and finally realized I've been

    16   |   18   |   General
  • Too Little Too Late

    I have a problem with our son. He's just turned 17 and will be a senior next year. He used to...

    18   |   18   |   Parenting
  • When I Squeeze It It Dimples Like Waffles

    This is what my boyfriend said to me a couple of days ago. He was giving me a massage and...

    21   |   14   |   Dating
  • The "To Me" Argument!

    My wife and I were just driving to the grocery store when we sparked up a conversation on looks. She...

    17   |   14   |   Marriage
  • Affair Right Or Wrong

    The wife had an affair year ago which resulted in a baby. We stayed together, have 4 kids, two houses. She...

    23   |   16   |   Marriage
  • Her Drinking Buddies

    We recently got married (second for both of us) and my wife started a new job. All her new co-workers...

    12   |   8   |   Marriage
  • He Kept Lottery Winnings From Me!

    Apparently while doing takes with our tax lady, I find out my husband won a scratch off for $20,000. He failed...

    18   |   6   |   Money
  • Dating My Son's Old High School Classmate

    My son is upset that I've begun dating a guy he went to school with years ago. To begin, I...

    34   |   30   |   Parent/Child
  • Spring Break Fake

    My girlfriend didn't go to the place she said she did and went to another beach instead. we decided to...

    15   |   5   |   Dating

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