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  • Friday, May 17
  • Tomi Lahren
    Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren Slams Alabama Abortion Bill as 'Too Restrictive'

    ( Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren is speaking out against Alabama's abortion ban. “I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this but so be it, this Alabama abortion ban is too restrictive,” Lahren, 26, said on Twitter Thursday. “It doesn't ... - 5/17/2019

    "I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this": Tomi Lahren shares surprising opinion on Alabama abortion ...

    (CBS News) Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren shared her opinion on Alabama's new abortion law on Thursday, even though she said she knew fellow conservatives would "attack" her. The Fox News contributor, who used to host a conservative show on TheBlaze, ... - 5/17/2019

    Tomi Lahren Warns 'Too Restrictive' Alabama Abortion Ban 'Doesn't Save Life'

    (HuffPost) “If you think banning abortion with no exception for rape or incest will stop women from terminating pregnancy, you're not being honest with yourself,” Lahren tweeted after Canadian far-right commentator Faith Goldy said there was “nothing 'dangerous' about ... - 5/17/2019

    Even Tomi Lahren thinks Alabama's abortion ban is "too restrictive"

    (Salon) Fox Nation host and conservative commentator Tomi Lahren on Thursday joined the widespread and growing criticism of Alabama's new law that would outlaw almost all abortions in the state, calling the legislation "too restrictive." "I will be attacked by fellow ... - 5/17/2019

    Fox Nation's Tomi Lahren calls abortion ban 'too restrictive': 'It doesn't save life'

    (AOL) Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren, a host on Fox Nation, is speaking out against Alabama's abortion bill. "I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this but so be it, this Alabama abortion ban is too restrictive," Lahren, 26, tweeted Thursday. "It doesn't ... - 5/17/2019

    Tomi Lahren & Other Celebrities Who Are Speaking Out About The Latest Abortion Bills

    (The Cheat Sheet) When Tomi Lahren was on The View in 2017, she said took a pro-choice stance, and it appears that she's continuing to support that argument. Her tweet may have shocked some, but ultimately, this appears to be an issue she stands firm on, regardless of ... - 5/17/2019

  • Megan Thee Stallion
    The Houston Rapper Taking the Industry by Storm

    (The Atlantic) Unlike her late mother, who initially discouraged Megan from rapping before the age of 21 and then went on to manage her, Thee Stallion makes libidinous anthems. Megan's tracks are as technically precise and lyrically forceful as they are rare in a genre that ... - 5/17/2019

    Fever: Megan Thee Stallion Will Drive the Boat This Summer and Beyond

    (The Root) Sometime last year, I saw the names “Tina Snow” and “Megan Thee Stallion” popping up on my timeline and—can I be frank? I know I'm Tonja, but would like to be frank right now—I thought they were two different people. *cue teasing laughter*. I thought two ... - 5/17/2019

    Who Is Megan Thee Stallion? Houston Rapper's Debut Album 'Fever' Is a Summer Banger

    (Newsweek) There's a big fire in Texas and it's quite literally setting the rap industry ablaze. Megan Thee Stallion—perhaps the hottest thing in Houston right now—released her debut studio album, Fever, on Friday, and the project is already being hailed a summer banger ... - 5/17/2019

    Megan Thee Stallion's Fever Release Party Was the Most Houston Thing Ever

    (Houstonia Magazine) She rode in on a white horse, but this was no Taylor Swift moment. Not unless Taylor Swift wore a bikini top and assless chaps, shot fake hundred dollar bills minted with her own face out of a “Make It Rain” money gun, or poured Hennessy into her writhing ... - 5/17/2019

    Houston's own Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo are up for a BET Award

    ( Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo, who both came up in Houston, are up for a BET Award. Both women are nominated for best female hip-hop artist. It's a huge feat considering the other names in the category: Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma and Kash Doll. - 5/17/2019

    Megan Thee Stallion's “Fever” Is a Summer Party Album With a Feminist Agenda

    (Texas Monthly) Much like the blaxploitation movement, Grier, and Houston's early rap scene, Megan Thee Stallion's popularity has emerged during the era of #MeToo and controversies surrounding the erosion of women's reproductive rights. In a city that has been ... - 5/17/2019

    Megan Thee Stallion Offers The Twerk Anthem "Hood Rat Sh*t"

    (HotNewHipHop) Megan Thee Stallion did right to include the iconic sample by then 7-year-old Florida boy, Latarian Milton, as it truly grasps the song's relatability and banger-potential. "Hood Rat Sh*t" is an ode to debauchery and the rapper encourages her listeners to ... - 5/17/2019

  • Salesforce
    Database error causes widespread, ongoing Salesforce outage affecting Pardot customers

    (GeekWire) A database script error forced Salesforce engineers to cut service to a wide swath of customers Friday, and for some customers using its Pardot service, Salesforce has been down all day. Just before 10am PT Friday morning, Salesforce engineers deployed a ... - 5/17/2019

    Faulty database script brings Salesforce to its knees

    (ZDNet) Salesforce is going through one of its biggest outages ever after the company was forced to shut down large chunks of its infrastructure earlier today. At the heart of the outage was a change the company made to its production environment that broke access ... - 5/17/2019

    Salesforce says a 'major issue' with its cloud service results in outage for some customers

    (CNBC) Salesforce said on Friday that a technical snafu resulted in customers losing access to some of the company's most popular online services. Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, the two largest products for Salesforce by revenue, are both affected by the downtime ... - 5/17/2019

    Salesforce? Salesfarce: Cloud giant in multi-hour meltdown after database blunder grants users access to all data

    (The Register) Unlucky Salesforce customers have been unable to reach the service since 0956 PDT (1656 UTC) on Friday, thanks to a ham-handed database deployment. Shortly thereafter, the cloud CRM biz said that it's looking into an issue linked to current or past users ... - 5/17/2019

    'Major' Salesforce Outage Whacks Firm's Marketing Automation Customers

    (CRN) "To all of our @salesforce customers, please be aware that we are experiencing a major issue with our service and apologize for the impact it is having on you," Salesforce Co-Founder and CTO Parker Harris wrote on Twitter at 12:40 p.m. ET Friday. "Please ... - 5/17/2019

    Ivanka Trump praises Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff for being a 'trailblazer' on Twitter

    (Fox Business) Trump hailed Salesforce as being a "trailblazer" on Twitter, crediting the company's free online learning platform with helping more thousands of employees. Whoops! We couldn't access this Tweet. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX BUSINESS APP Opens a ... - 5/17/2019

    Salesforce outage hits after data leak

    (CRN Australia) Salesforce told customers on Saturday Australian time that it is experiencing a “major issue with its service” and is attempting to resolve it as quickly as possible. At the time of writing the firm's status page said the incident impacts "several Salesforce NA and ... - 5/17/2019

  • Booksmart
    Olivia Wilde's “Booksmart” Swerves Aside from Expectations

    (The New Yorker) “Booksmart” is about Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and her best friend, Molly (Beanie Feldstein). One is louder than the other, one is gay and one is straight, and they share pretty much everything, including the useful revelation that a plush panda, in Amy's bedroom, ... - 5/17/2019

    'Booksmart': Watch the First 6 Minutes of Olivia Wilde's Acclaimed Comedy

    (IndieWire) Good morning, reader. Take a deep breath. Good — you're ready to dominate this day and watch the first six minutes of “Booksmart,” Olivia Wilde's acclaimed directorial debut. The film doesn't open theatrically until next week, but Annapurna has made the ... - 5/17/2019

    Olivia Wilde's 'Booksmart' Boosted By 'Ellen' Social Media Push; First Six Minutes Of Movie Released – Watch

    (Deadline) Olivia Wilde's femme teen comedy Booksmart had a blitzkreig social media push today to a potential 221M followers prior to the pic's early access paid sneaks tonight at 800 locations. That combined reach is comprised from social media pushes on EW, Ellen ... - 5/17/2019

    Olivia Wilde Says Directing Booksmart Was Her First Job 'Not Entirely Dependent Upon My Looks'

    ( Making her directorial debut with the coming-of-age film Booksmart allowed Olivia Wilde to see herself in a new light in Hollywood. During a candid interview with The New York Times, Wilde confessed that getting behind the camera helped her shed the ... - 5/17/2019

    The First 6 Minutes of Booksmart Are Online So You Can Study Up Before the Final, I Mean, Premiere

    (Vulture) Booksmart doesn't officially premiere until May 24, but Annapurna wants you to meet Molly and Amy, your new dorky teen best friends, right now. The movie studio has released the first six minutes of Olivia Wilde's directorial debut online early, giving you an ... - 5/17/2019

    Booksmart releases digital posters inspired by director Olivia Wilde's favorite classic films

    ( You only get one directorial debut, and Olivia Wilde wasn't about to overthink hers. “Sometimes when people are directing their first film, it becomes this torturous process of proving oneself completely,” Wilde says. “I just went with: What's the movie that made ... - 5/17/2019

  • Minecraft Earth
    The Morning After: 'Minecraft Earth' remakes our world into a blocky AR sandbox

    (Engadget) This is Minecraft Earth, a free-to-play version of one of the most popular games ever made, rebuilt around augmented reality for the iPhone and Android. Similar to Pokémon Go, which popularized AR gaming in a massive way, it relies on your smartphone as ... - 5/17/2019

    New 'Minecraft Earth' to offer AR experience like 'Pokemon Go'

    (USA TODAY) Minecraft is expanding its reach – into your real world. A new game, "Minecraft Earth," coming this summer for mobile devices (Android and iOS), uses augmented reality – à la "Pokémon Go" – to let you find objects in real-world locations and place objects ... - 5/17/2019

    Minecraft Is Coming Out with an Augmented Reality Game and It Sounds More Detailed Than Pokémon Go

    ( Minecraft builders from all over will get to see their original architecture in the real world starting this summer — well, at least in an augmented version of the real world. On Friday, Microsoft finally dropped their “Official Reveal Trailer” for Minecraft Earth and if ... - 5/17/2019

    Minecraft Earth Wants to Be the Next Pokémon Go—But Bigger

    (WIRED) Minecraft Earth, which Microsoft announces today, is an augmented-reality-driven mobile game that blockifies the planet. When it comes out later this summer, iOS and Android users will be able to construct a “build,” as the block-based environments are ... - 5/17/2019

    'Minecraft Earth' puts a 'Pokémon Go' spin on your favorite blocky building game

    (Mashable) The new game is called Minecraft Earth and it's exactly what you would think, delivering an Android/iOS take on the Minecraft experience. It's not quite the same as the game you know from PCs, consoles, smartphones, and tablets, but it does embrace the ... - 5/17/2019

    Minecraft Earth goes a step beyond Pokémon Go to cover the world in blocks

    (The Verge) ”Minecraft Earth proposes to completely break the dogma that has lived with us in computing since the beginning: this idea of a single person that holds a single device to create a single experience,” says Kipman. “With Minecraft Earth, that's no longer the ... - 5/17/2019

    Anuncian Minecraft Earth, un nuevo juego de Realidad Aumentada ...

    (FayerWayer) Justo hoy que se celebran 10 años del lanzamiento de Minecraft tenemos que Microsoft y Mojang han anunciado Minecraft Earth, un juego de realidad aumentada al estilo de Pokémon GO que llegará de forma gratuita para dispositivos móviles. - 5/17/2019

    Microsoft anunció su nuevo juego de realidad virtual: Minecraft Earth

    ( En el anuncio de Minecraft Earth, la compañía mencionó que fue creada con tecnología de última generación de Microsoft, como el servicio para hacer proyectos colaborativos, multiplataforma con realidad mixta, es decir, la real y la aumentad; así como el ... - 5/17/2019

    Microsoft anuncia Minecraft Earth, una versión de Minecraft de ...

    (Gizmodo en Español) En un movimiento que es igual de sorprendente, inevitable y brillante, Microsoft anunció hoy Minecraft Earth, un juego de realidad aumentada que permitirá a los jugadores construir todo tipo de creaciones en bloque mientras caminan por las calles y tratan ... - 5/17/2019

    Minecraft Earth se presenta con la intención de superar a Pokémon ...

    (Mouse (blog)) En ese sentido, Minecraft Earth invitará a los jugadores a hacer todo tipo de creaciones de bloques a través de sus smartphones mientras recorren la ciudad. No obstante, a diferencia de títulos como Pokémon Go, lo nuevo de Microsoft no estará basado en ... - 5/17/2019

  • Tyreke Evans
    Detroit Pistons free agency target Tyreke Evans disqualified from NBA

    (PistonPowered) Tyreke Evans was one of the wing free agents the Detroit Pistons were interested in. You can check him off the list with his dismissal and disqualification from the NBA. The Detroit Pistons are desperate for a wing player. They were going to free agency in ... - 5/17/2019

    Tyreke Evans disqualified from NBA for 2 years

    (ESPN) The NBA announced Friday that guard Tyreke Evans has been dismissed and disqualified from the league for violating the terms of the NBA/National Basketball Players Association anti-drug program. Under the program, he is eligible to apply for ... - 5/17/2019

    Indiana Pacers guard Tyreke Evans dismissed from NBA for two years for drug violation

    (USA TODAY) Guard Tyreke Evans, who played for the Indiana Pacers this season, has been "dismissed and disqualified" from the NBA for two years for violating the league's anti-drug program. Evans, 29, averaged 10.2 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game with ... - 5/17/2019

    Indiana Pacers guard Tyreke Evans suspended for violating NBA's Anti-Drug Program

    (ABC News) Indiana Pacers guard Tyreke Evans has been suspended for two seasons by the NBA due to a violation of the league's Anti-Drug Program. The league announced the news on Friday afternoon. Evans will have to sit out two seasons, after which he can apply ... - 5/17/2019

    Tyreke Evans 'dismissed and disqualified' from NBA for violating anti-drug program

    ( Veteran guard Tyreke Evans has been dismissed and disqualified from the NBA for violating the terms of the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program, the league officially announced on Friday. Under the league's program, Evans will be eligible to apply for ... - 5/17/2019

    Pacers guard Tyreke Evans dismissed from NBA for two years

    (Indianapolis Star) "The Indiana Pacers were informed Friday by the NBA that Tyreke Evans has been dismissed from the league for a violation of the league's anti-drug policy. "We take these matters seriously and will reach out to Tyreke to offer our support." The NBA conducts ... - 5/17/2019

    NBA descalifica y despide a Tyreke Evans por uso de drogas

    (ESPN Deportes) La NBA anunció el viernes que el base Tyreke Evans fue despedido y descalificado de la liga por violar los términos del Programa Antidrogas de la NBA/NBPA. Es elegible para solicitar el reintegro en dos años en el marco del programa. - 5/17/2019

    Tyreke Evans ha sido suspendido dos temporadas por la NBA

    (Diario La Página (Comunicado de prensa)) Los Pacers, tras ser informados de la sanción a Evans, explicaron a través de un comunicado: “Tomamos estos asuntos con seriedad y nos comunicaremos con Tyreke para ofrecerle nuestro apoyo”. Un jugador solo puede ser reincorporado con la ... - 5/17/2019

    El base de Indiana Tyreke Evans fue expulsado de la NBA por doping

    (Grupo La Provincia) "Indiana Pacers fueron informados por la NBA de que Tyreke Evans fue expulsado de la liga por una violación de la política antidopaje. Nos tomamos estos asuntos con seriedad y nos pondremos en contacto con Tyreke para ofrecerle nuestro apoyo", ... - 5/17/2019

    Tyreke Evans, jugador de los Indiana Pacers es suspendido por dos años

    ( “Tyreke Evans fue despedido y descalificado por la NBA por no cumplir con los términos del programa de drogas”, dijo la NBA, sin dar más detalles.“Bajo el programa de drogas, Evans podrá solicitar la reincorporación en dos años”, agregó. Puedes leer: ... - 5/17/2019

  • Game of Thrones petition
    'This was abysmal': Nearly 1 million disgruntled 'Game of Thrones' fans demand a final season remake

    (Washington Post) If more than three-quarter of a million disgruntled “Game of Thrones” fans had their way, dragons would unmercifully torch the eighth season of the HBO hit, screaming an endless stream of firestorm upon the story line of the show's final episodes. A petition demanding that the final season be remade “with competent writers” has transformed this week into a fire-breathing dragon of vitriol aimed at showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss ahead of Sunday's series finale. The petition, started last Sunday ... - 5/17/2019

    Over 600000 angry "Game of Thrones" fans petition to remake season 8

    (CBS News) Some fans haven't hesitated to share their disappointment in the final season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" the last few weeks. But now they're taking it a step further — more than 600,000 people have signed an online petition to remake the entirety of season ... - 5/17/2019

    'Game of Thrones' Star 'Sucks' That Fans Want a Do-Over For Our Final Season

    (TMZ) "Game of Thrones" star Jacob Anderson is a straight shooter -- he's got sage advice for some 'Thrones' fans and a harsh reaction to that angry fans' petition, but his opinions are totally Unsullied. The actor who plays Grey Worm on the HBO series was out in ... - 5/17/2019

    Game of Thrones fans' petition is more embarrassing than any coffee cup

    (Digital Trends) At the risk of being the raven who carries bad news for the 835,377 people who have signed the petition (at last count), you should probably know that Hodor will sit on the Iron Throne before HBO remakes the final season of Game of Thrones, ... - 5/17/2019

    What a Game of Thrones petition says about modern popular culture

    (The Week Magazine) You can count me among the legions of viewers who found themselves disappointed with Game of Thrones this past weekend. It wasn't so much the violence or the evil depicted, as the abrupt, cheap-feeling reversal. In response, I did what any good, ... - 5/17/2019

    Game of Thrones Sees Internet Petition Make Disproportionate News Thanks to Lazy Entertainment Writers Staring at ...

    (The Portland Mercury (blog)) A tiny fraction of the overall audience (18.4 million viewers) for the most popular television show currently airing—HBO's 239 Emmy-awards-winning Game of Thrones—have spent the last few weeks drunk on memes, review-bombing recent episodes to little ... - 5/17/2019

  • Taco Bell Hotel
    Taco Bell Is Opening an All-Inclusive Palm Springs Resort Hotel: Amenities, How to Book Your Trip and More

    (Newsweek) Taco Bell superfans received great news on Friday, when the Mexican fast-food eatery announced plans to open a resort hotel in Palm Springs. The hotel, called The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort, will follow a strict Taco Bell theme that will allow any ... - 5/17/2019

    Taco Bell to Open Hotel Pop-up in Palm Springs

    (Commercial Observer) Taco Bell has joined the pop-up craze and will open a limited run hotel in Palm Springs this August. The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort will offer fans of the bell, aged 18 and up, a promised “tacoasis,” according to a company release. Marisa Thalberg ... - 5/17/2019

    Taco Bell Hotel: The Bell luxury resort opens this summer

    (KGO-TV) PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- Taco Bell is heating up summer travel. The company known for tacos, burritos and spicy sauce is getting into the hotel business. The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort, will open in August in Palm Springs, California. They're calling it ... - 5/17/2019

    Taco Bell Hotel Launching August 2019 - Adding A Spicy Twist To Summer

    (Hospitality Net) Get ready for "Bell"hops and Baja Blasts, fire sauce and sauce packet floaties, because the Taco Bell Hotel is coming and will give fans an unexpected and unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Beginning August 9 for a limited time, doors will open at The Bell: A Taco ... - 5/17/2019

    The Taco Bell Hotel + Resort Is A Real Thing

    ( Taco Bell is innovating again by branching out with a boutique hotel experience for Taco Bell superfans. Taco Bell announced plans for a 'tacoasis' in Palm Springs, California with the opening of The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort. Opening August 9th ... - 5/17/2019

    A Taco Bell Hotel??? It's Happening

    ( just shared the news of Taco Bell's luxury hotel opening up this summer in California and I'm NOT. OKAY. If you ANYTHING about me at all, you probably are aware of my abnormal obsession with guac and taco everything. Taco Bell is basically my ... - 5/17/2019

    Taco Bell-themed pop-up hotel to open in Palm Springs

    (KABC-TV) IRVINE, Calif. (KABC) -- It's nacho average hotel. Taco Bell is taking over a hotel in Palm Springs, California, for three nights this August. The fast-food chain says everything will be Taco Bell-themed, from the room decor to the breakfast menu to pool floaties ... - 5/17/2019

    Taco Bell Hotel launching August 2019 in Palm Springs

    (Attractions Magazine) This isn't the first time that Taco Bell has done something unexpected for fans, but this experience is sure to be a unique one. For a limited time starting Aug. 9, the doors will open at The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs, Calif. Everything from ... - 5/17/2019

    Taco Bell is Opening a Luxury Hotel This Summer

    ( There will also be a gift shop with T-Bell hotel apparel and accessories, and even an on-site salon offering Taco Bell-inspired nail art, haircuts, and braids. Obviously, there will also be plenty of Taco Bell food on hand to enjoy during your stay, including ... - 5/17/2019

    Taco Bell is Opening a Taco-Themed Hotel in Palm Springs This Summer

    (Mental Floss) For some, having a Taco Bell and its cheese-filled menu within driving distance is enough. For others, only a Taco Bell destination vacation will do. This August, the popular fast food chain is going to convert an existing Palm Springs, California, hotel into a ... - 5/17/2019

  • DJ Khaled
    Watch DJ Khaled, SZA Fight Epic Battle In 'Just Us' Video

    (Rolling Stone) DJ Khaled and SZA teamed up as royal warriors in the video for their collaboration “Just Us.” The visual, directed by Joseph Kahn, features SZA and Khaled battling gladiator-style and emerging victorious, eventually garnering them praise from the kingdom ... - 5/17/2019

    DJ Khaled Takes Nipsey Hussle 'Higher'

    (NPR) DJ Khaled's eleventh studio album out today, Father of Asahd, is yet another display of his comprehensive Rolodex. Cardi B, SZA, Meek Mill and Beyoncé all make appearances. Tucked squarely in the middle is "Higher," the first official song from Nipsey ... - 5/17/2019

    Album Review: DJ Khaled's 'Father of Asahd'

    (Variety) Sure, DJ Khaled is pop-hop's most cheerfully optimistic cheerleader. More of a gatherer-party-thrower-influencer than an artist or producer (name one sonic signature beyond yelling his own name), the oversized Miami-by-way-of-New-Orleans personality has ... - 5/17/2019

    DJ Khaled Hangs With J Balvin, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, and Jeremih in "You Stay" Video

    (Complex) DJ Khaled is wasting no time sharing videos from his latest album Father of Asahd. He's already shared clips for collabs with Lil Wayne and Big Sean, Travis Scott and Post Malone, and Nipsey Hussle's final video. But we all know Khaled is fond of another ... - 5/17/2019

    Inside DJ Khaled's album release bash

    (Page Six) DJ Khaled celebrated dropping his new album, “Father of Asahd,” with a starry crowd at Zuma New York on Thursday night, an insider told Page Six. “When the clock struck 12, everyone cheered,” said the insider of the new tracks going live. We hear the artist, ... - 5/17/2019

    DJ Khaled 'Long Live Nipsey Hussle' ... Blessed to Work with Him

    (TMZ) Khaled also shouts out "The Marathon Continues" -- Nipsey's famous slogan, tied to his clothing store -- throughout the interview before heading to Times Square for more album promo. Khaled will also be on 'SNL' this weekend. Nip isn't the only celeb on ... - 5/17/2019

    Watch DJ Khaled and SZA's New “Just Us” Video

    (Pitchfork) DJ Khaled and SZA's new video for “Just Us” is out now. The track is taken from DJ Khaled's newly released album Father of Asahd. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the clip features the duo battling 300-style as SZA takes her place on a throne. Check it out below. - 5/17/2019

    DJ Khaled Bringing SZA, Lil Wayne, J Balvin, More to “SNL” Season Finale

    (Pitchfork) Today, DJ Khaled released his new album Father of Asahd. To celebrate the occasion, he is performing on the “Saturday Night Live” season finale tomorrow night (May 17) as musical guest, with host Paul Rudd. Now, the show has revealed Khaled will be far ... - 5/17/2019

    DJ Khaled, Post Malone, and Travis Scott drop the “Celebrate” video

    (The FADER) DJ Khaled's trying something unusual for the release day of his new album Father Of Asahd — dropping four music videos in 24 hours for songs on the project. We've already got the video for "Just Us" featuring SZA, the Outkast-sampling song with a clip ... - 5/17/2019

    'SNL': John Legend, Meek Mill and Others Joining Musical Guest DJ Khaled Onstage

    ( The Voice coach collaborated with the DJ on his new song "Higher", which also features late actor Nipsey Hussle. It's possible the performance might include a tribute to the rapper. Along with his job on the NBC competition series, Legend most recently ... - 5/17/2019

  • Angel Has Fallen
    'Angel Has Fallen' Trailer: Gerard Butler Isn't Done Saving The President

    (HuffPost) The franchise has served up popcorn action to a loyal audience. Butler's 2013 outing “Olympus Has Fallen” grossed more than $170 million globally on a reported $70 million budget. The 2016 sequel “London Has Fallenhad a reported budget of $60 million ... - 5/17/2019

    WATCH: Gerard Butler Returns for 'Fallen' Franchise with “Angel Has Fallen'

    (Anglophenia) We first saw Gerard Butler as Mike Banning in 2013's Olympus Has Fallen. Then in 2016's London Has Fallen. Now he's back for 2019's Angel Has Fallen. The premise for the first two films were pretty similar, with the respective city's leader in threat, and ... - 5/17/2019

    Budget John Wick

    (LaineyGossip (press release) (blog)) The latest “Fallen” movie is Angel Has Fallen, and if you know anything about Gerard Butler's penchant for playing overachievers, you know that “Angel” refers to Butler's character. Yes, that's right, Gerard Butler is the angel who has fallen, framed for trying to ... - 5/17/2019

    The Angel Has Fallen trailer looks like another fun action flick

    (Techaeris) Sure, it probably had a lot of action cliches but some times I just want a simple action movie and nothing more. That's what the film gave me as did the follow-up London Has Fallen. Now, Angel Has Fallen is getting ready to release and it looks like another fun ... - 5/17/2019

    A Framed Gerard Butler Must Save Morgan Freeman's Life in 'Angel Has Fallen'

    (HYPEBEAST) Gerard Butler returns as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning in director Ric Roman Waugh's new action-thriller, Angel Has Fallen. Acting as a sequel to 2013's Olympus Has Fallen, which first introduced Banning to audiences, and 2016's London Has Fallen, ... - 5/17/2019

    Gerard Butler Is Back To Saving Morgan Freeman In 'Angel Has Fallen'

    ( The actor is back to his President-saving ways in “Angel Has Fallen”, a follow-up to 2013's “Olympus Has Fallen” and 2016's “London Has Fallen”. A trailer for Butler's latest action movie was released through Lionsgate Movies on Thursday. Butler reprises his ... - 5/17/2019

    Gerard Butler essaying a secret service agent in 'Angel Has Fallen'

    (The Siasat Daily) Last month, Entertainment Weekly debuted a first look at 'Angel Has Fallen', the sequel to hit action films 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'London Has Fallen.' And now, EW has the exclusive trailer for Gerard Butler's third go-around as the ever-faithful Secret ... - 5/17/2019

    'Angel Has Fallen' looks like a trailer for the best action movie of 1996

    ( Reboots are everywhere across the entertainment industry, but what about actually making something like it was in the past? That's where 'Angel Has Fallen' has come. A movie so retro, so decidedly and unironically trying to place itself as if it's in the past, ... - 5/17/2019

    Angel Has Fallen Trailer: Gerard Butler is Gerard Butler

    (News Ledge) Now it's a trilogy. You've seen Olympus Has Fallen. Maybe London Has Fallen. Come August; it's Angel Has Fallen. In what is sure to clog up my Netflix movie queue, Gerard Butler (Mike Banning) reprises his role as the head of the Secret Service detail ... - 5/17/2019

    Gerard Butler plays Secret Service agent on the run after being framed in assassination attempt against president in ...

    (Daily Mail) A devoted Secret Service agent is on the run after being framed in an assassination attempt against the president in the upcoming film, Angel Has Fallen. In a new trailer for the action film, Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent learning he ... - 5/17/2019

  • Grumpy Cat
    En 7 años, Grumpy Cat logró más que la mayoría de nosotros en nuestra vida

    (CNN) (CNN) — En siete años, Grumpy Cat logró más fama de lo que la mayoría de nosotros podría soñar. El millonario ceño fruncido y el humor inexpresivo de la sensación de internet cautivaron nuestros corazones, especialmente cuando nos sentíamos un poco ... - 5/17/2019

    In 7 years, Grumpy Cat accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime

    (CNN) (CNN) In seven years, Grumpy Cat achieved more celebrity than most of us could ever dream of. The cranky internet sensation's million-dollar frown and deadpan humor captured our hearts, especially when we were feeling a little disgruntled with the world. - 5/17/2019

    Grumpy Cat, Internet Celebrity With a Piercing Look of Contempt, Is Dead at 7

    (The New York Times) Grumpy Cat, the ubiquitous internet celebrity whose permanent scowl spoke for all of us in our darkest moments, died in the arms of her “mommy” on Tuesday, her family said on Friday. She was 7. The cat, whose actual name is Tardar Sauce and who hailed ... - 5/17/2019

    Grumpy Cat has died. The Internet-famous feline with the perpetually miserable mug was 7.

    (Washington Post) But this was no ordinary post Friday morning on @realgrumpycat, the wildly popular Instagram account with more than 2.4 million followers, who have grown to adore the cat's perma-scowl. Grumpy Cat's owners had come to share some extremely :( news:. - 5/17/2019

    Grumpy Cat Has Died

    (New York Magazine) Grumpy Cat, the feline whose frowning visage became a relatable meme, has died. It could be argued that Grumpy Cat was one of the most well-known animal phenomena ever birthed by the internet, gaining her start as an Impact-font image macro and ... - 5/17/2019

    Grumpy Cat Dies; Her Spirit Will Live On, Family Says

    (NPR) Grumpy Cat — the blue-eyed cat with the withering stare and permafrown that suggested perpetual irritation — has died, her family announced early Friday. She was 7. The scowling kitty died of complications from a urinary tract infection, her owners said. - 5/17/2019

    Grumpy Cat, whose grumpiness brought joy to the internet, has died

    (The Verge) Grumpy Cat, one of the internet's most famous cats, died this week due to complications with a urinary tract infection. She was just over seven years old. Grumpy Cat's owners announced her death on social media, with a post celebrating how her unique ... - 5/17/2019

    'Grumpy Cat' y otras mascotas de la cultura popular que nos robaron el corazón | FOTOS Y VIDEO

    (El Comercio) 'Grumpy Cat', conocida también como la gata gruñona más famosa de Internet, falleció este 14 de mayo a causa de una infección. Con apenas 7 años, 'Grumpy Cat' se convirtió en la protagonista de infinitos memes de las redes sociales y su popularidad le ... - 5/17/2019

    Grumpy Cat: muere la leyenda felina de internet

    (BBC Mundo) Grumpy Cat, la famosa gata de internet, ha muerto a los siete años de edad, según confirmaron sus dueños. Un comunicado en twitter anunció que la gata murió el pasado martes debido a complicaciones provocadas por una infección del tracto urinario. - 5/17/2019

    Fallece “Grumpy Cat”, gata que causó sensación en las redes

    (El Nuevo Herald) ARCHIVO - Foto de archivo, 1 de diciembre de 2015, de Grumpy Cat (gata malhumorada) en Los Ángeles. La gata, cuyo aire desabrido la convirtió en una celebridad en la web, ha muerto a los 7 años, dijeron sus dueños el viernes 17 de mayo de 2019. - 5/17/2019

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose is fierce in 'Batwoman' sneak peek

    (CNN) (CNN) Ruby Rose as Batwoman is the post #MeToo superhero we've been waiting for. The CW has released the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming "Batwoman" series, and Rose is kicking some serious butt. Literally. The "Orange Is the New Black" actress ... - 5/17/2019

    First trailer of Ruby Rose's lesbian 'Batwoman' released

    ( The Australian actress Ruby Rose suited up as the title character in the trailer for the forthcoming CW show "Batwoman." The sneak peek, which dropped Thursday, gives viewers a glimpse at the lesbian superhero's origin story — and villain-crushing moves. - 5/17/2019

    'Batwoman': Ruby Rose's Kate Kane Transforms into New Superhero in First Look Trailer

    (Rolling Stone) Batwoman, the latest forthcoming series in the CW's Arrowverse, which is based on DC Comics' characters, has unveiled its first look trailer featuring a defiant Kate Kane (portrayed by Orange is the New Black's Ruby Rose) stepping in to rid Gotham City of ... - 5/17/2019

    Ruby Rose: Batwoman Has Changed My Life

    (E! Online) Ruby Rose is ready. She's ready to kick butt—and then some in Batwoman, The CW's latest superhero drama. "I'm just like this is the best job I've ever done," Rose told E! News at The CW's 2019 upfront presentation. Rose made her debut as the titular ... - 5/17/2019

    Roundup: RIP Grumpy Cat; Ruby Rose as Batwoman; Mets to Have Seinfeld Night

    (The Big Lead) Ruby Rose is a fierce BatWoman … And Robert Pattinson is somehow Batman … Mike Leach, college professor, is a trip … The Deadwood movie will premiere in South Dakota … The Bill de Blasio presidential run is going to provide much comedy … - 5/17/2019

    Tráiler de "Batwoman" muestra a Ruby Rose frente al traje de Batman

    (El Universal) The CW ha establecido su calendario de series para la próxima temporada y con ello, ha lanzado el primer tráiler de "Batwoman", que muestra a Ruby Rose retomando su papel de Elseworlds. Así luce Ruby Rose como "Batwoman". El clip muestra a la ... - 5/17/2019

    "Batwoman": mira el primer tráiler de la serie con Ruby Rose | VIDEO

    (El Comercio) La serie de "Batwoman" protagonizada por Ruby Rose ya tiene un primer tráiler oficial. En su canal oficial de YouTube, The CW compartió las imágenes en las que se puede ver a ciudad Gótica desprotegida y sin Batman. Los criminales aprovechan el ... - 5/17/2019

    Ruby Rose: Esto es lo que sabemos sobre su relación con otra ...

    ( Además de luchar contra el mal, deberá enfrentarse a los prejuicios en su contra. El momento que muchos fans de los cómics, las series televisivas y por su puesto de la modelo y actriz Ruby Rose estaban esperando por fin llegó: el estreno del primer trailer ... - 5/17/2019

    Tráiler de 'Batwoman' muestra a Ruby Rose como protectora de ...

    (El Universo) The CW ha establecido su calendario de series para la próxima temporada y con ello, ha lanzado el primer tráiler de Batwoman, que muestra a Ruby Rose retomando su papel de Elseworlds. El clip muestra a la villana Alice, interpretada por Rachel Skarsten ... - 5/17/2019

    Instagram: Ruby Rose, la nueva 'Batwoman' de DC, tiene rival que ...

    (LaRepú Una chica se ha vuelto popular en Instagram, luego de que publicara una serie de fotos que muestran su sexy cosplay de 'Batwoman', el personaje de DC que Ruby Rose interpretará en una serie producida por la cadena de televisión The CW. Miles de ... - 5/17/2019

  • Thursday, May 16
  • John Daly
    Cart ride ends: John Daly will miss the cut at PGA Championship

    (USA TODAY) TIRED ACT: John Daly show is getting old. Daly plays on the PGA Champions Tour, which allows carts, and said the rules for this week's event were similar to those of the Champions. "One rule (for the cart) was to try and keep pace with the way the guys were ... - 5/16/2019

    John Daly misses the cut at PGA Championship

    (Newsday) John Daly left Bethpage Black on Friday with an 11-over par on his scorecard, a controversy in his wake and a nasty limp from his arthritic right knee. But he said he was glad he decided to enter the PGA Championship as a past champion – albeit 28 years ... - 5/16/2019

    John Daly Is Still Driving, at the Tee and Wheel, After All These Years

    (The New York Times) FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — John Daly arrived at the 10th hole on Bethpage State Park's Black Course behind the wheel of Club Cart No. 107 just before 1 p.m. on Thursday. He had a large McDonald's cup in the holder, four Diet Coke cans beneath the ... - 5/16/2019

    John Daly rides a cart, pounds cigarettes and Diet Cokes, delights fans at PGA Championship

    (Washington Post) You know, the guy riding the cart. Or, to paint a better picture, riding the cart while pounding cigarettes, wearing garish, Yankees-themed pants and slurping Diet Coke from a McDonald's cup. That decidedly unusual sight was provided, of course, by John Daly ... - 5/16/2019

    John Daly has his golf cart and cigarettes, but still looks miserable at the PGA

    (SB Nation) Golf is a slow game played in quick bursts but there were two rare moments of drawn-out drama as John Daly played the 17th hole on Thursday. It was the kind of extended uncertainty you get when an elite NBA scorer dribbles contemplating an isolation ... - 5/16/2019

    Diet Coke, McDonald's and a pack of smokes: John Daly's wild ride around Bethpage Black

    (ESPN) FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- On the fourth hole of his opening round of the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black on Thursday, John Daly drove his cart down the right side of the fairway and stopped unexpectedly. Daly, the 1991 PGA Championship winner, ... - 5/16/2019

  • Emily Ratajkowski
    Piers Morgan Rips Emily Ratajkowski for Using 'Dumb Self-Promoting' Topless Photo for Abortion-Law Protest

    (TheWrap) Piers Morgan has once again found himself at odds with a skin-baring Emily Ratajkowski on the battleground of social media. British media personality Morgan took his latest jab at actress-model Ratajkowski on Thursday, criticizing her for pairing a message ... - 5/16/2019

    Emily Ratajkowski poses nude to bring attention to Alabama's anti-abortion law

    (Page Six) Emily Ratajkowski has posed naked to draw attention to the passage of Alabama's near-total ban on abortion. The 27-year-old model posted a nude photo of herself on Instagram on Thursday, posing with her arm draped across her breasts and a single ... - 5/16/2019

    Emily Ratajkowski poses naked in protest of Alabama's abortion bill passing

    (Fox News) EMILY RATAJKOWSKI SHOWS EXPOSED RIB CAGE IN BIKINI SNAP. The law in question will make performing an abortion in Alabama a felony, punishable by up to 99 years or life in prison unless the mother's health is at risk, with no exceptions for women ... - 5/16/2019

    Emily Ratajkowski se desnudó para protestar en contra de la ...

    ( Emily Ratajkowski se desnudó para protestar en contra de la prohibición del aborto en EEUU. Su escultural figura quedó completamente al descubierto, solo cubrió algunas zonas estratégicas de su cuerpo. En menos de cinco horas la publicación alcanzó ... - 5/16/2019

    Piers Morgan criticises Emily Ratajkowski for Instagramming naked photo to discuss Alabama abortion ban

    (The Independent) Piers Morgan has criticised model Emily Ratajkowski for posting a naked photograph of herself to protest against the abortion ban in Alabama. On Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill to ban nearly all abortions in nearly all circumstances, including rape and ... - 5/16/2019

    Gone Girl Actress and Model Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude in Response to Alabama Abortion Bill

    (Bounding Into Comics (blog)) Gone Girl actress and model Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram where she posted a nude photo in protest of the recent Alabama abortion bill. Ratajkowski wrote, “This week, 25 old white men voted to ban abortion in Alabama even in cases of incest and ... - 5/16/2019

    Emily Ratajkowski Protests Alabama Abortion Ban With Provocative Instagram Photo

    (Footwear News) Want More? Emily Ratajkowski wore a daring dress with wings on her ears at the 2019 Met Gala. Emily Ratajkowski did the bike-shorts trend with knee-high boots for a photo shoot for her own brand. Emily Ratajkowski wore one of her favorite sneakers with a ... - 5/16/2019

    Emily Ratajkowski se quitó la ropa para protestar

    (AS Usa) ... al evitar que las mujeres con pocas oportunidades económicas tengan el derecho de elegir no reproducirse. Los estados que intentan prohibir el aborto son los estados que tienen la mayor proporción de mujeres negras que viven ahí", escribió Emily junto ... - 5/16/2019

    ¡Sin nada de ropa! La modelo Emily Ratajkowski protestó contra la ...

    (Canal 1) Miles de mujeres protestaron porque catalogan a esta ley como un retroceso, entre ellas varias famosas como la modelo Emily Ratajkowski, quien lo hizo con una fotografía a través de su Instagram en la que posó totalmente desnuda, junto a la imagen puso ... - 5/16/2019

    Emily Ratajkowski se desnuda en Instagram a favor del aborto

    (CiberCuba) La modelo británica Emily Ratajkowski se ha quitado la ropa y ha mostrado su cuerpo desnudo a modo de protesta por la nueva ley en contra del aborto que han aprobado esta semana en el estado de Alabama. El martes, el senado de Alabama aprobó la ... - 5/16/2019

  • Trey Songz baby
    Trey Songz is a dad! The singer posts photo of baby boy: 'We are blessed and overjoyed'

    (USA TODAY) Trey Songz is ready to introduce the world to his son. The "Bottoms Up" singer, 34, posted a shot of his sleeping newborn late Thursday with the caption: "My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace." Earlier in the day Songz shared an Instagram ... - 5/16/2019

    Trey Songz Confirms He's a Dad: See a Photo of His Baby Boy Noah

    (E! Online) UPDATE: Trey Songz is officially a dad! Fans started speculating the singer had welcomed a baby boy on Thursday after he posted a picture of a baby's foot on Instagram and captioned it with a blue heart. Now, the "Say Aah" star is putting the rumors to rest. - 5/16/2019

    Surprise! Trey Songz is the father of a baby boy

    (Page Six) Songz caught fans off guard Thursday when he cryptically shared a close-up of a baby's foot on Instagram, captioning it with a blue heart emoji and no other explanation. The next day, he confirmed that he had indeed welcomed a baby. This is Songz's first ... - 5/16/2019

    Trey Songz Announces He Is a Father to a Baby Boy Named Noah: 'We Are Blessed and Overjoyed'

    ( Peace ,” the “Slow Motion” crooner captioned a photo of the adorable baby sleeping in a blue and white bear-patterned onesie. Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, did not say who the baby's mother was. He had not been publicly linked ... - 5/16/2019

    First Pic! Trey Songz Welcomes Baby Boy

    (Extra) Singer Trey Songz, 34, is a dad for the first time! On Friday, Songz announced that he welcomed a baby boy, who he named Noah. Along with a precious photo of the baby sleeping, he wrote, “My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace .” ... - 5/16/2019

    Trey Songz Welcomes Baby Boy Noah

    ( Is Trey Songz a father? The R&B crooner is igniting rumors that he welcomed a child. Taking to Instagram, Trigga posted a black-and-white photo of a baby's foot resting against his hand. He captioned it with a blue heart emoji, prompting speculation that he ... - 5/16/2019

  • College Board
    College Board CEO defends "adversity score," saying SAT "doesn't measure what you've overcome"

    (CBS News) Defending the decision to assign an "adversity score" to college applicants taking the SAT, College Board CEO David Coleman said Friday that the standardized test doesn't measure what students have overcome in their personal lives. The College Board ... - 5/16/2019

    College Board president pushing 'adversity score' is same man behind controversial Common Core program

    (Fox News) The College Board president behind the recent decision to assign applicants an "adversity score" is the same man who courted controversy pushing Common Core, the national K-12 curriculum standards project that several states adopted, then dropped ... - 5/16/2019

    College Board says adversity context rewards resourcefulness

    (Education Week) The College Board is expected to release additional details Friday about the "Environmental Context Dashboard" it's been piloting at 50 colleges and universities. The dashboard weighs things like the crime rate and poverty level where the high school's ... - 5/16/2019

    To account for hardship, College Board adds 'adversity' score to SAT tests

    (PBS NewsHour) The College Board has for several years been testing an “adversity index” designed to place students' SAT scores in the context of their socioeconomic advantages or disadvantages. The system has been used by about 50 colleges and universities. - 5/16/2019

    The Reasoning Behind the SAT's New 'Disadvantage' Score

    (The Atlantic) This fall, 150 colleges will start using this new metric, designed to capture students' socioeconomic status and give context to test scores, according to the Wall Street Journal. The College Board is using a number of environmental factors that influence a ... - 5/16/2019

    New SAT Score: Adversity

    (Inside Higher Ed) The College Board has for several years been testing an "adversity index" designed to place students' SAT scores in the context of their socioeconomic advantages or disadvantages. The system has been used by about 50 colleges and universities. - 5/16/2019

    College Board To Juke SAT Test Scores To Reflect Student 'Privilege'

    (The Federalist) Since 2015, College Board has been experimenting with new metrics on its SAT college entrance exam to evaluate students based on 15 nonacademic factors, including school and neighborhoods' crime, income, and single-parent statistics, The Wall Street ... - 5/16/2019

    College Board Targets SAT Loophole in Bid to Avert Cheating

    (Bloomberg) Asked by “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King whether the College Board had changed the way it runs the college entrance exam in reaction to the scam, Chief Executive Officer David Coleman said it would be “much more careful” with the “small ... - 5/16/2019

    SAT exams add 'adversity score' to factor in socio-economic backgrounds

    (WSOC Charlotte) "What the College Board is doing is giving admissions officers context to look at SAT scores and see those students who may not have scored as high on the SAT, but given their context have accomplished amazing things," College Board CEO David ... - 5/16/2019

    SAT exam to give students “adversity score” in bid to level playing field

    (Wink News) A new “adversity score” assigned by the College Board on the SAT exam will reportedly reflect students' family income, environment and educational differences in an effort to level the playing field in the highly competitive college admissions process. - 5/16/2019

  • Survivor
    Julie Rosenberg reacts to being shut-out on Survivor

    ( The good news: Julie Rosenberg made it all the way to the end of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. The bad news: Even with the biggest jury pool ever, she could not manage to garner even 1 of the 13 votes. But for a woman who was pegged by both the host and ... - 5/16/2019

    Sia Gifts Her Favorite Survivor Contestant $100000 During Season Finale

    ( Rick Devens may not have won this season of Survivor, but he walked away with an even better prize. During the reunion show after Wednesday night's season finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, Devens was gifted $100,000 by Sia, a self-proclaimed ... - 5/16/2019

    Former WWE Star and Survivor: China Contestant Ashley Massaro Dies at 39

    ( Ashley Massaro, a former WWE wrestler and contestant on Survivor: China, died on Thursday morning, PEOPLE confirms. She was 39. While authorities would not disclose the details of her death, it is not being classified as a criminal case, a Suffolk County ... - 5/16/2019

    Ashley Massaro, Survivor China contestant and WWE superstar, dead at 39

    (Surviving Tribal) PEOPLE has reported Ashley Massaro, Survivor: China castaway and former WWE Superstar died on Thursday morning. The details of her death remain undisclosed as of press time, although it is not considered a criminal case according to a spokesperson ... - 5/16/2019

    'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Sparks Outrage Over Controversial Finale Winner

    ( Survivor: Edge of Extinction is full of intense moments, but last night's finale was a huge shock for even the show's most loyal supporters. Chris Underwood made history on the long-standing CBS series, as he's the first person to ever win the title of Sole ... - 5/16/2019

    'It's not fair!' 65% of 'Survivor' fans say Chris Underwood did NOT deserve to win 'Edge of Extinction' [POLL RESULTS]

    (Goldderby) “Survivor” fans are mixed on whether Chris Underwood really deserved to win “Edge of Extinction” during the exciting May 15 finale. On the one hand, this 25-year-old salesman made one of the boldest game moves in reality TV history when he gave up his ... - 5/16/2019

    'Survivor': Surprise winner, impressive ratings

    (Orlando Sentinel) CBS keeps renewing the series because of the surprisingly strong ratings. “Survivor” was the top show Wednesday with 18-to-49 viewers. In fact, it had the best 18-to-49 rating through the first three nights of the week. (“The Big Bang Theory” will overtake it ... - 5/16/2019

    TV Ratings: Steady 'Survivor' Finale Carries CBS to Demo Win

    (Hollywood Reporter) The finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction led CBS to the top spot among adults 18-49 in Wednesday's ratings, but NBC took the total-viewer crown in primetime. Survivor closed its 38th season with a 1.5 rating in adults 18-49 from 8-10:30 p.m. That's even with ... - 5/16/2019

    'Survivor' Couple Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas Spill Wedding Details (Exclusive)

    (Entertainment Tonight) Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas are our newest Survivorpower couple. The pair -- who met on Survivor: Worlds Apart in 2014 -- got engaged last month, and are clearly still feeling that engagement bliss. ET spoke with the pair at Wednesday night's ... - 5/16/2019

    Vic Stockwell's Puzzle is an unlikely survivor from a different epoch

    (The Conversation AU) If we assume more species of mesicalypts once existed, then the ones we see today are the last living survivors from a very different past. Their history is also the tale of two different fortunes. The mesicalypts are better suited to live in wetter and warmer ... - 5/16/2019

  • Brewers vs Phillies
    'Action steps have to come' for Phillies after Brewers show what a top-tier offense looks like

    ( The Phillies couldn't muster nearly enough offense against a Brewers team that scored at least one run in seven of nine innings Thursday (see observations). Get past Yelich and .... Sunday afternoon at 1:05 — Jerad Eickhoff (2-2, 2.65) vs. LHP Kyle Freeland ... - 5/16/2019

    Phillies vs. Brewers - as it happened

    ( Zach Eflin was particularly ordinary, and Edgar Garcia and Seranthony Dominguez struggled as the Phillies lost to the Brewers, 11-3, dropping three games out of a four-game series. Read more here. Related stories ... - 5/16/2019

    Brewers 11, Phillies 3: Christian Yelich slugs two more homers and offense keeps the pressure on

    (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) PHILADELPHIA – The Milwaukee Brewers kept the offensive pressure on Philadelphia's pitchers, waiting to see if they'd eventually crack. And they did. With Christian Yelich hitting two more home runs and Yasmani Grandal and Mike Moustakas each adding ... - 5/16/2019

    Yelich homers twice, Brewers top Phillies 11-3

    ( UP NEXT. Brewers: RHP Jhoulys Chacin (3-4, 4.57 ERA) starts the opener of a three-game series at Atlanta on Friday night. He's 2-4, 3.69 in seven career starts vs. the Braves. Phillies: LHP Cole Irvin (1-0, 1.29) makes his second career start in the opener of ... - 5/16/2019

    Brewers pummel Phillies 11-3, take 3 of 4 in series

    (Brew Crew Ball) Those errors caused Davies to work a little harder, but he limited the Phillies to four hits and a walk while striking out five. Meanwhile, the Brewers offense was on point today. Christian Yelich gave the Brewers an early lead with a solo home run in the first ... - 5/16/2019

    Please go away: Brewers 11, Phillies 3

    (The Good Phight) The good news is that Ryan Braun will retire one day. The bad news is that thanks to modern “medicine,” careers can be extended, so that day may not come any time soon. Until then, we're going to have to endure Braun's annual visits to Citizens Bank Park ... - 5/16/2019

  • Bruins vs Hurricanes
    2019 NHL Playoffs: Bruins sweep Hurricanes with shutout win, punch ticket to Stanley Cup Final

    ( The Carolina Hurricanes' Cinderella run has officially come to an end. The Hurricanes dropped Game 4 to the Bruins at home on Thursday night, giving Boston the sweep and a ticket to the Stanley Cup Final. It was a rather dominant 4-0 win for the Bruins on ... - 5/16/2019

    Zdeno Chara Out For Bruins In Game 4 Vs. Hurricanes

    (CBS Boston) Zdeno Chara was not on the ice for warmups in Raleigh on Thursday night, after rumors circulated throughout the day that he may miss Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final against the Carolina Hurricanes. Shortly thereafter, the Bruins officially ... - 5/16/2019

    'Unbelievable' Rask carries Bruins past Hurricanes

    (ESPN) The Bruins goaltender has been spectacular in the Bruins' postseason run, including a 24-save shutout in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals on Thursday to knock out the Carolina Hurricanes in a sweep. Rask had a .956 save percentage in the series ... - 5/16/2019

    Bruins Punch Ticket for Stanley Cup Final With Sweep of Hurricanes

    (Sports Illustrated) After being relatively quiet for most of the series, Boston's Big 3 was responsible for every goal and Tuukka Rask stopped everything that came his way as the Bruins blanked the Hurricanes 4–0 to cap a four-game sweep in the Eastern Conference Final. - 5/16/2019

    Bruins vs Hurricanes NHL live stream: how to watch the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals online

    (TechRadar) The 2019 NHL Playoffs are reaching the business end of things and we're at the point where the Eastern Conference Finals are decided to see who will play for the 2019 Stanley Cup. You can follow our guide to getting a Bruins vs Hurricanes NHL live stream ... - 5/16/2019

    Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes: Live score updates (Game 4, Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Finals)

    ( Everything seems to be going the Boston Bruins way especially against the Carolina Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference finals. Have a rough period, Tuukka Rask comes up big. Lose Chris Wagner to injury, Noel Acciari is healthy again? Boston can keep ... - 5/16/2019

  • I.M. Pei
    A tribute to IM Pei, a disarming and determined visionary

    (CNN) I.M. Pei, who died Thursday at the age of 102, was an architect of singular vision. One of the great figures of 20th century modernism, he was perhaps best known for his powerful use of geometry. He employed it to create forms and spaces of exquisite ... - 5/16/2019

    How IM Pei Shaped the Modern City

    (CityLab) I. M. Pei died Thursday at the age of 102 after a long career as an architect of great renown. Most known for his glass pyramid addition to the Louvre Museum in Paris and the East Building addition to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the ... - 5/16/2019

    How Architect IM Pei Achieved Greatness By Forever Testing and Challenging Himself

    (TIME) Architecture, especially in America, is an old man's game, and no one was older than I.M. Pei, who died on May 16 at 102. Even in a profession where major commissions rarely materialize before a man (and, beginning only recently, a woman) is well past fifty ... - 5/16/2019

    IM Pei tributes flood social media

    (Curbed) Iconic architect I.M. Pei has died at the age of 102. As one of the most prolific and well-respected architects in the industry, Pei was responsible for a wide range of buildings in the United States and abroad. Most famous for his glass-topped extension of Paris's ... - 5/16/2019

    IM Pei, Architect of CAA Building and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dies at 102

    (Variety) I.M. Pei, the architect behind the CAA building in Beverly Hills and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, died on Thursday. He was 102. One of the most famous architects of his time, Pei designed numerous famous buildings around the world before retiring in 1990. - 5/16/2019

    IM Pei obituary

    (The Guardian) Ieoh Ming Pei, known always as IM Pei, who has died aged 102, lived and worked long enough to become the doyen of American architects and perhaps the most renowned of all Chinese-born Americans. His resolute intervention in the form of a glass ... - 5/16/2019

    The best way to honor IM Pei? Spend some time at the National Gallery of Art.

    (Washington Post) Washingtonians are fortunate to live with the best of I.M. Pei's architecture, the East Building of the National Gallery of Art. Opened in 1978, it set an extraordinarily high standard for designing new, modernist additions to traditional, classically styled buildings. - 5/16/2019

    Murió a los 102 años Ieoh Ming Pei, el arquitecto que le cambió el ...

    ( El arquitecto estadounidense de origen chino Ieoh Ming Pei, autor de grandes obras como la pirámide del Museo del Louvre en París o el Banco de China en Hong Kong, murió el jueves a los 102 años, confirmaron fuentes del estudio de arquitectura de sus ... - 5/16/2019

    Los edificios emblemáticos de Ieoh Ming Pei, el arquitecto de la ...

    (BBC Mundo) Su diseño para el museo parisino creó controversia, pero ahora es uno de los referentes más famosos de la capital francesa. Pei está detrás de otros muchos edificios icónicos alrededor del mundo. Te los mostramos. I M Pei Getty Images. Ieoh Ming Pei ... - 5/16/2019

    El Arquitecto IM Pei muere a los 102 años

    (Reuters España) Ieoh Ming Pei, hijo de un importante banquero en China, dejó su país en 1935 y se mudó a Estados Unidos, donde estudió arquitectura en el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts y la Universidad de Harvard. Luego de enseñar y trabajar para el gobierno ... - 5/16/2019

  • A Dog's Journey
    Bring a Tissue! 'A Dog's Journey' Will Pawsitively Make You Cry

    (NBC Southern California) "A Dog's Journey" is the sentimental sequel to "A Dog's Purpose" which made $200 million worldwide at the box office in 2017. With that number, it's no surprise that the studios greenlit this family-friendly film about a dog, reincarnated over and over again. - 5/16/2019

    'A Dog's Journey' brings Bruce Cameron's Bailey back to life — and back again

    (Religion News Service) LOS ANGELES (RNS) — It may not come as a surprise to hear that W. Bruce Cameron, whose bestselling novels, “A Dog's Purpose” and its sequel “A Dog's Journey,” depend heavily on redemption and life born anew, gives credit for his success to a higher ... - 5/16/2019

    'A Dog's Journey' Review: Good Boys (and Girls) on a Mission

    (The New York Times) The preponderance of viral dog videos proves that the animals are sufficiently attractive, intelligent and resourceful that they don't need stories about their reincarnation to entertain and warm hearts. Nevertheless, we now have “A Dog's Journey,” the sequel to ... - 5/16/2019

    Dennis Quaid's dog Peaches is by his side every step of promoting 'A Dog's Journey'

    (Los Angeles Times) When Dennis Quaid was 12, his family moved from one Houston suburb to another. He lost the gang of kids on his block just as he was entering junior high and transitioning into puberty. His only constant? Gertrude, the family's new Basset Hound who ... - 5/16/2019

    Here Are All the Ways the Dog Dies—and Almost Dies—in A Dog's Journey

    (Slate Magazine) If you saw A Dog's Purpose two years ago, then you already have a pretty good idea of what you're getting into with the movie's new sequel: the corny dialogue, the contrived plot, the butt-clenching sense of dread … Oh, what's that? You thought A Dog's ... - 5/16/2019

    A Dog's Journey | Red Band Trailer

    (ABC) From time to time we take a PG movie and we give it a red band trailer just for fun. There's a family movie starring Dennis Quaid called A Dog's Journey opening tomorrow. It's the sequel to A Dog's Purpose. It is rated PG, but with that said, we are proud to ... - 5/16/2019

  • Full moon May 2019
    May's Full Flower Moon Saturday Is, Somehow, a Blue Moon. Here's Why

    ( So, going by the old "Maine Almanac rule," for spring 2019, we have four full moons: on March 20, April 19, May 18 and June 17. The third full moon — the Blue Moon according to the original rule set down by the Maine Farmers' Almanac — comes this ... - 5/16/2019

    May 2019: The Next Full Moon is a Blue Moon

    (NASA Planetary Science (press release)) The Next Full Moon is a Blue Moon, the Flower Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, the Milk Moon and Buddha Purnima. The next full Moon will be on Saturday afternoon, May 18, 2019, appearing opposite the Sun (in Earth-based longitude) at 5:11 PM EDT. - 5/16/2019

    A rare type of full 'blue moon' is coming in May 2019, and it's also a 'flower moon'

    ( In any case, the May 18 full moon happens to be the third of four full moons appearing during the spring season of 2019, so it fits the definition of a “seasonal blue moon.” This spring already had full moons on March 20 and April 19, and two more are coming, ... - 5/16/2019

    Blue Moon 2019: Rare flower full moon will be one of biggest and best of year - but last of its kind this decade

    (The Independent) "By the morning of the full moon on 18 May 2019, as morning twilight begins, Jupiter will appear in the south-southwest about 23 degrees above the horizon and Saturn will appear in the south about 30 degrees above the horizon,” the space agency said in a ... - 5/16/2019

    Blue Flower Moon 2019 Live Stream: Watch May's Full Moon Live Online

    (Newsweek) A blue moon is the third full moon of an astronomical season that has four full moons. The last astronomical blue moon took place on May 21, 2016, and the next one will be on August 22, 2021. May's full moon is also known as a flower moon, which relates to ... - 5/16/2019

    How to see the May 2019 blue moon this weekend

    (WPVI-TV) This month's full moon on May 18 is going to be a blue moon, but it's not your typical blue moon. Most people know the blue moon as the second full moon in one month, but it can also be the third of four full moons in one season, according to AccuWeather. - 5/16/2019

    Blue moon is coming Saturday night to a sky near you

    (USA TODAY) Doyle Rice, USA TODAY Published 12:14 p.m. ET May 17, 2019 | Updated 12:17 p.m. ET May 17, 2019 ... The more common definition of a "blue moon" is the second full moon in one calendar month, though some astronomy purists sniff at that definition, which is technically incorrect. Even the venerable ... AccuWeather also added that the weather may not cooperate for blue-moon viewing on Saturday night thanks to a sprawling storm system that will spread clouds over most of the western 2/3 of the nation. The best ... - 5/16/2019

  • Trey Songz
    Trey Songz is a dad! The singer posts photo of baby boy: 'We are blessed and overjoyed'

    (USA TODAY) Trey Songz is ready to introduce the world to his son. The "Bottoms Up" singer, 34, posted a shot of his sleeping newborn late Thursday with the caption: "My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace." Earlier in the day Songz shared an Instagram ... - 5/16/2019

    Trey Songz Announces He Is a Father to a Baby Boy Named Noah: 'We Are Blessed and Overjoyed'

    ( Trey Songz is a dad! The singer, 34, announced the arrival of his little boy on Instagram Thursday night. “My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace ,” the “Slow Motion” crooner captioned a photo of the adorable baby sleeping in a blue and white ... - 5/16/2019

    Trey Songz Welcomes His First Child: 'We Are Blessed and Overjoyed' (UPDATE)

    (Complex) Did Trey Songz just become a father? On Thursday afternoon, the 34-year-old artist shared a black-and-white photo that showed his hand holding the foot of a baby. Songz—real name Tremaine Aldon Neverson—captioned the Instagram post with a blue ... - 5/16/2019

    Trey Songz Reveals He's a Father by Sharing Adorable Pic of Son Noah: 'We Are Blessed and Overjoyed'

    (Entertainment Tonight) Songz's announcement came nearly nine hours after he first sparked speculation that he'd become a dad when he shared a more cryptic snapshot of his hand on his baby's tiny foot. The singer, who had not previously addressed the fact that he was planning ... - 5/16/2019

    Here's Why Fans Think Trey Songz Just Became a Dad

    (E! Online) Congratulations may be in order for Trey Songz. The "Slow Motion" and "Chi Chi" singer certainly got fans talking Thursday morning when he took to Instagram and shared a photo of what appears to be a young baby. With a simple blue heart emoji, Trey got ... - 5/16/2019

    Trey Songz Causes Fan Meltdown With Cryptic Baby Photo

    (Vibe) Trey Songz sent fans into an emotional flurry thanks to a cryptic Instagram post that looks a lot like a baby announcement. The Virginia native shared a photo on Thursday (May 16) of a what appears to be his hand holding an infant's foot. Songz, 34, captioned ... - 5/16/2019

  • Tyler, the Creator
    5 Takeaways from Tyler, the Creator's New Album, IGOR

    (Pitchfork) After an eventful few years between albums, Tyler, the Creator's follow-up to 2017's Flower Boy is here. IGOR feels naturally like the next block in Tyler's evolutionary chain. It is warm and often pretty and all about making sense of love. He seems to have taken ... - 5/16/2019

    Tyler, the Creator: Igor review – impulsive artist takes the rapping off

    (The Guardian) That's not to say that this is totally unidentifiable as a Tyler, the Creator album. The sunny, Roy Ayers-esque grooves remain part of Tyler's playbook, while his eternal kinship with Pharrell Williams is clear in the way this album echoes the slick, immaculate ... - 5/16/2019

    The Best Song on Tyler, the Creator's IGOR Is...

    (GQ Magazine) With his new album, Tyler, the Creator has failed. Last August, when Tyler appeared on the cover of GQ Style, he told the magazine that the biggest frustration of his career has been his inability to get radio play. “I've been trying to get on the radio. I haven't ... - 5/16/2019

    Listen to Tyler, The Creator's new album, IGOR

    (FACT) Featuring Kali Uchis, Frank Ocean, Kanye West and more. Tyler, The Creator's follow-up to 2017's Scum Fuck Flower Boy is here. IGOR arrives with a host of stellar guest appearances, including Kali Uchis, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Playboi Carti, Devonté ... - 5/16/2019

    Tyler The Creator's New Album 'Igor' Is Getting Enthusiastic Reactions From Fans

    (UPROXX) Tyler The Creator's new album, Igor, has finally arrived after a few weeks of teasing and it might not be what anyone was expecting from the Flower Boy rapper. After he offered some explicit instructions for listening to the new project, fans dove in and The ... - 5/16/2019

    Tyler, the Creator's Fractured Gems and 11 More Albums for Heavy Rotation

    (VICE) Tyler, the Creator has a few ideas as to how you should enjoy his just-released album IGOR. Stay far, far away from Twitter. Listen all the way through, ideally with no distractions—but definitely without your phone nearby. Avoid message boards at all costs, ... - 5/16/2019

    First Stream: New Music From DJ Khaled, Halsey, Tyler, The Creator & More

    (Billboard) This week, DJ Khaled's got the coolest guest list in music, Halsey tries to continue her Hot 100 hot streak and Tyler, The Creator has returned with a bold new project. Check out all of this week's First Stream picks below: The Album With The Most Must-Hear ... - 5/16/2019

    Estrenos para escuchar el fin de semana: Madonna, Tyler The Creator, Lana del Rey y más

    (TN - Todo Noticias) Desde hace ya mucho tiempo el viernes es el día favorito de discográficas y artistas para lanzar música nueva, pero este viernes es especial. Como si hubiera sido planeado, grandes artistas coincidieron, dejando como resultado una larga lista de música ... - 5/16/2019

    15 lanzamientos recientes que debes escuchar: Tyler, The Creator + Lana Del Rey + slowthai y más

    ( (Comunicado de prensa)) Cerramos la tercera semana de mayo con uno de los mejores días de lanzamientos de nuevos álbumes, comenzando con IGOR de Tyler, The Creator y continuando con un nuevo tema de Lana Del Rey y otro de los videos del disco debut del británico ... - 5/16/2019

    Ya está disponible “IGOR”, la nueva obra maestra de Tyler, the Creator

    (Heabbi (Comunicado de prensa) (blog)) Hoy por ejemplo, indiscutiblemente debemos sumar a ellas IGOR, la nueva producción de Tyler, the Creator, a la cual consideramos desde ya una obra maestra. ¿Motivos para argumentar esta hipótesis? Tenemos de sobra. En primer lugar, porque se trata ... - 5/16/2019

  • The Sun is Also a Star
    'Love Is A Thing That Everyone Wants,' Says Author Of 'The Sun Is Also A Star'

    (NPR) "What does America mean to you?" That's a question Natasha Kingsley, threatened with deportation, must answer in The Sun Is Also a Star, a film adapted from the young adult novel of the same name by Nicola Yoon. Yoon has also thought a lot about this ... - 5/16/2019

    Yara Shahidi brings faint glow to 'The Sun is Also a Star'

    (CNN) (CNN) Teen romances are sometimes only as good as their leads, and "The Sun is Also a Star" has a fine pair in "Black-ish's" Yara Shahidi and "Riverdale's" Charles Melton. The movie, however -- which deals with true love and the universe putting people ... - 5/16/2019

    The Sun Is Also a Star: A Silly but Sweet Gen-Z Romance

    (Vanity Fair) Daniel, one of the heroes of Ry Russo-Young's love-drunk romantic comedy The Sun is Also a Star, wants to be a poet. But his parents, who run a black haircare shop in Harlem, New York, want him to be a doctor for the sake of the family's name. He's a ... - 5/16/2019

    The Sun is Also a Star

    (750 KXL) The Sun is Also a Star features a young woman who is in awe of the sun, the solar system and the universe. She gives us — and the film's love interest — a lot of quotes from the late, great astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist and author Carl ... - 5/16/2019

    The Sun Is Also A Star Has The Best Movie Soundtrack Of The Year

    (Refinery29) Music is the catalyst for the whirlwind romance in the new movie The Sun Is Also a Star, out May 17. Natasha (Yara Shahidi) gets lost in the blaring music coming out of her big pink headphones and doesn't hear the car headed toward her. Daniel (Charles ... - 5/16/2019

    The Sun Is Also A Star: The biggest changes from book to screen

    ( The Sun Is Also A Star tells the love story of Natasha and Daniel, played by Black-ish's Yara Shahidi and Riverdale star Charles Melton, two teens who meet at a critical time in both of their lives and fall for each other in a matter of hours. The film, which is in ... - 5/16/2019

    Review: 'Sun Is Also a Star' is a timely, charming teen romance

    (The Mercury News) By Pat Padua | Washington Post. With a title that reads like a line of bad teenage love poetry – one whose “I” might as well be dotted with a heart – and a plot that involves a series of improbable coincidences, “The Sun Is Also a Star” seems, on the surface, ... - 5/16/2019

    How The Sun is Also a Star adapted the YA novel's sprawling love story

    (Polygon) Like most young-adult novel adaptations, The Sun is Also a Star has a heavy burden to bear. The 2016 Nicola Yoon book is a love story that juggles themes of immigration, culture, fate and destiny, telling the story of Korean-American Daniel, who's ... - 5/16/2019

    Movie Review: 'The Sun is Also a Star' shines, but is dimmed by dialogue

    (The Providence Journal) Teenagers need melodrama. They always have. It seems that big, sweeping emotions are somehow the only things that can match the high-stakes, hormone-enhanced teenage feelings. Director Ry Russo-Young excels at rendering these emotions with a ... - 5/16/2019

    'The Sun Is Also a Star' Is Like Watching One Long, Vapid Instagram Story

    (Observer) Early on in The Sun is Also a Star, Natasha (Yara Shahidi from Grown-ish), a young women living undocumented with her family in New York, tells her father she is going out, to meet with someone from the city who can help with their immigration status. - 5/16/2019

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