Answers For Questions

Will anyone see our names if we decide to post an argument?
Your information is always anonymous. You will create a username but that's all anyone will ever see (just make sure the username you choose isn't one you use elsewhere).

What's a side?
Sides require two people to create. Each person tells their side of the story.

How do you create a side on this site?
The first person will tell their side of the story, name the argument, and invite the second person to tell their side. Once both sides are told, the story is published live for other sidetakers to decide on.

I don't respond well to criticism. Should I add my side?
The sidetakers will judge their decision based on what you write, how you tell your story, your grammar - basically they will rip apart each person's argument. This is why it's crucial for each person to go into as much depth as possible. If you're in the wrong, they will call you on it. These aren't your friends being nice for the sake of your feelings; you will get honest opinions and if you don't think you can handle it, simply don't post it.

Is this site only for major fights?
Definitely's designed for any argument! Even the smallest of fights can turn into major problems. In fact, starting with minor arguments here can potentially reverse the process of turning it into something major in the future.

How long do people get to take a side on my argument?
All sides run for 7 days. However, if your side becomes popular, that run will increase by 3 days and your argument will stay open for voting for an increased amount of time.

Should I ask a question or start a side?
If you think the person you are having the argument will respond to your invitation and add their side to your story then by all means start a side. If not, tell your side by asking a question.

What are participation points?
For many actions you perform on sidetaker (create a side or question, answer a question, vote, etc.), you'll receive points. Occassionally we'll give away something tangible - either to one of the biggest participants in a given time period or as a sweepstakes giveaway where points act as tickets and odds of winning increase with more points earned.

What is the idea behind sidetaker?
When arguments are opened up to your social circles, the feedback is usually biased. When you can create a jury of anonymous peers to decide who is right or wrong in an argument, then the bias is gone.

Do you guarantee results?
Sidetaker should not be used as the only resolution tool for an argument. It's nice to get the unbiased advice of others, but these people do not know you or the initimate details of each argument (only the two involved really know all the details). If you're as honest as possible in your argument, it'll help more. If not, then it'll probably not help at all.

What's on the roadmap?
There's a lot in the works and we'll always be adding more! Got any ideas? We'd love to hear 'em! Send us an email.

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