Most people believe money and sex are the main reasons people break up. And while they play a very large role in a relationship, there's more to it than the almighty dollar and what's going on in the bedroom...

Men and women have psychological needs beyond the physical and monetary. Would losing attraction due to a weight gain or lose their job be reason to end it with the person who makes you laugh most? Changing the dynamics of a relationship with something like weight gain or job loss can create problems, but they're correctable, reversable ones. Behavior of the significant other causes breakups (and many times can indirectly cause the overeating or the job loss).

Shared Effort Parity

Relationships take a lot of work - psychological work. Nothing keeps a relationship going strong like washing an extra dish, buying a bouquet here and there, or just making a homecooked meal. This should go without saying; however, many people choose to forgo these little things. The person making six figures claiming breadwinner is their only required duty will one day run into their person's mister/mistress exiting the backdoor (happened to my dad). A night out or a little gesture besides a paycheck is all it would have taken to keep the significant other. Effort matters.

Moral Hazzard

When one person in the relationship does whatever they want, you're going to run into moral hazzard (continuous bad behavior which becomes easier to act on). It's the significant other who'll bare the burden of consequences for the other's actions. If you're routinely lunching with a physically attractive coworker and your partner is uneasy about it, it's either gonna become more than lunch or it's gonna become a cause for suspicion and trust issues. Even if it's innocent, your partner is going to wonder.

"Me" Time & Helicopter Spousing

Smothering is the mother of all no-nos in a relationship. People need their space. If helicopter parenting is an extremely bad parenting style, helicopter spousing is worse. Where kids need freedom to find themselves (which, with children of helicopter parenting, many do not and struggle through life), adults already know what freedom feels like. Locking them down in an "I haven't heard from you in an hour" relationship will push the smothered person into a rebellious, manic state, many times ending in a cheating episode or blowout fight.

The Bottom Line

As long as you're mindful of your person, you give them space, and you show you care every once in awhile, the money and sex should always come second (and also never be with a narcissist - it just can't be fixed).