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  • 10 Most Unconventional Marvel Comics Friendships

    Marvel Comics has a long history of iconic superhero friendships, from the likes of Captain America and Bucky to

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  • Sports N Me

    Two different ways, which can't meet in this life.but I love to do it.Has now become an awesome...

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  • A "blogging" Issue

    I wanted to make a humor blog with my friend, as the both of us are good at it, but...

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  • Keeping My Car Clean

    I eat fast food a good bit on my way to work. A lot of the time I don't have...

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  • My Boyfriend Is The Guy You Hate

    I get so irritated going out with him because he is one of the people who takes 2 spaces for his...

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  • Guns In The House

    I'm not comfortable with them and I don't want them in my house. We don't have kids so I'm not...

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  • Atheism Banana Vs God

    Over the years I've been transformed into someone who has expanded his mind and finally realized I've been

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  • Jeremy Lin Is The Best Baller On The Planet!!!!

    Have you seen the guy? He's off the P F Chang. Outplayed Kobe in the Garden w/ ridiculous moves. Can't...

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  • Bodily Noises

    My man will not respect the fact that I cannot stand when he makes noises. He burps, farts, and does...

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  • Scientology Invading My Life

    My girlfriend is increasingly becoming a cultist. She's starting to study everything L. Ron Hubbard has written and

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  • Becoming Famous

    My boyfriend is a struggling actor. He's done some small parts in things you've probably never seen but he does...

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  • Using Same Razor For Both Parts

    He's not using mine (thank god) but he is using the same razor on both his face and his twig...

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  • It's You're, Not Your

    I don't know why she gets irritated when I correct her but she needs to be told by others it...

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  • Pantyhose Vs Ties...what's Worse!?

    I got into a recent debate with a friend about which article of clothing is worse to wear during the...

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  • Comment About My Inner-Jew Is NOT Anti-Semitic

    So I was having this conversation with my buddy while we were walking down 4th to grab lunch yesterday and...

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  • Biggest Loser Is Bad For The World

    My husband and I were talking about the Jersey Shore in bed the other night and how bad it is...

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  • Taking A Walk With Earphones

    My girlfriend wants to go take a walk and, when we're about to leave, she puts on the earphones to...

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  • "Neutral" Button And/or Change Votes?

    This was a question and I was asked to make it a side. We wondered, at least a few of...

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  • Apple, Twitter, Facebook Don't Owe You, Developer!

    I'm good friends with a guy who makes about half his income on an iPhone app he created. With all...

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  • Space Mountain

    My partner and I made a friendly bet about whether Space Mountain was the ride inside the Epcott Ball. I...

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