Roommates Sides

  • My Roommate Refuses To Turn The Fans Off

    My roommate always likes her fans on, but it is extremely cold outside. Our dorm has no A/C, but...

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  • Fan Dispute

    My roommate and I live in a dorm that has no air conditioning. She wants her fan on, like, all...

    38   |   8
  • Roommate Window Argument

    Okay so I am in college and my roommate and I share a room. She always wants the window open...

    48   |   7
  • My Man Or Yours?

    My roommate likes to roll around in the hay with strangers because it makes her feel wanted (temporarily, of course)...

    26   |   19
  • Opening Windows In The Winter

    I live with 4 other roommates and one of them insists on leaving the window open all day long in his...

    196   |   34
  • Who Gets The Chair

    I recently purchased a new three bedroom home. It is my first house. My boyfriend and I moved in together...

    255   |   42
  • Eats My Food Without Asking

    I dont really care that much if he eats small things like chips or whatever i mean we can share...

    484   |   50
  • Roommate Debate

    I've got a roommate named Warren. He's one of my closest friends. One of the many games we play is...

    575   |   45
  • Her Dog Stinks Up The Apartment

    We've been roommates for the better part of 2 years and Caitlin just got a dog about a month ago. She's...

    617   |   52

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