Opening Windows In The Winter

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Side 1 says... I live with 4 other roommates and one of them insists on leaving the window open all day long in his room. It's starting to get cold and he frequently leaves the door to his room open, making the entire upstairs freezing. The bottom level of the house I am sure gets more cold as well. We are turning on the heat in two days and he refuses to close his window, even if the heat is on!! I could deal with being a little chilly for a few days without starting a fight, but I am not going to stand for him racking up our energy bill as the heater pumps more hot air into the house than necessary to constantly counteract his open window.

We suggested he pay extra for the heat if he wishes to leave his window open. He said this was "ridiculous." What's more ridiculous is insisting on leaving the window open when the heat is on and it's freezing outside, making your roommates uncomfortable and wasting their money!

I said that we will have to discuss a compromise temperature and it'll be good for everyone to leave the house on the chilly side and save money. He said it doesn't matter, he just doesn't like "stale air"? Gimme a break!! Worse yet his mommy is paying for his utilities bill while some of us have to actually work to pay for this wasteful behavior.
Added by mandyblock (female)
Side 2 says... I pay rent just like everybody else in this house and I should have the ability to do what I want to do in my own room. I sleep better when it's cold so I like to leave the window open in my room at night. I usually close the door at night. I don't care what temperature the heat is on, it is always warm under my covers so I always want the window open. I think stale air is stifling and if I leave the windows closed the room gets stuffy.

I shouldn't have to sacrifice my comfort and a good nights sleep to save my roommates a few bucks.
Added by dantheman (male)
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