Eats My Food Without Asking

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Side 2
Side 1 says... I dont really care that much if he eats small things like chips or whatever i mean we can share that stuff, but I just bought steaks and he ate 2 of them.

I didn't offer them to him and if my roommate was a hot girl that I'd actually hit on, I probably wouldn't have a problem. But he's a little overweight and not my type :)

I just want him to respect my things and just cos we live together doesn't give him the rights to my food like i think he thinks he has.
Added by t8stR (male)
Side 2 says... He's just cryinig over nothing. He's eaten my food too. We pay the same split on the rent but we only have one bathroom that I clean and I usually clean the common areas anyway. Maybe I just felt entitled to the steaks. Tell ya what... you start cleaning the bathroom and I'll by you steaks.

Til then quit crying. It's been a week.
Added by tonymontana (male)
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