My Man Or Yours?

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Side 1 says... My roommate likes to roll around in the hay with strangers because it makes her feel wanted (temporarily, of course)... I like to meet men the old fashioned way, during the day, at a store, or through a friend, etc... You get the point...We are the best yin and yang friends out there.

DAY 1 SUMMARY: We both meet this guy at a restaurant. They exchange numbers.

DAY 2 SUMMARY: She invited him over our house and we three hung out on the balcony for hours. As he was talking to the both of us, I noticed that he was articulate, intelligent, polite, and funny, and he wasn't sloppily on top of my friend making slimy sexual innuendo's either. I was slightly impressed. My roommate noticed that there was some chemistry between him and I and she trys to deter him away from me, (i.e. "She is soooo prude"), but he shows even more interest with every jab she takes.Then she brought up a question along the lines of "who do you think is hotter?" Then he said, as polite as possible, although she was more his type physically (dark color of hair, light color of skin), that he wanted to get to know me more. She causes a scene, he leaves shortly afterwards, and she yells at me for being around them.

DAY 3 SUMMARY: She invited him over and makes me promise to stay in my room. They go into her room, where they sit and talk intimately about their pasts. He tells her that he recently broke up with someone and he is looking to "have fun" and only to be friends. He told her that he is interested in me also, but is not looking for a relationship either way. She decides that she is cool with that. They hook up. He still tells her that he wants to "see what I am doing on the other side of the house." She gets mad, and asks him to leave.

DAY 4 SUMMARY: He comes over again and we all hang out on the balcony once more. She believes that since they hook up, I am no longer a threat to her and that I can hang out with them again. She believes she has staked her claim and that he will eventually change his mind and want to be her bf. He tells her for the 5th time that he believes she has a good heart and she is a great person, but that he only wants to be friends with her, because he thinks that he and I would get along better. She gets angry at him, and she slaps him across the face, then tells him to get out of our house.

He told her that he was looking for no strings attached only, and she said she was ok with it. He told her that he never lied to her about his superficial feelings for her, and it was her decision to hook up with him anyways. He told her that he didn't deserve a slap in the face for her decisions, and that he didn't want to speak to her ever again. I told him, if he was that into me, that he shouldnt have hooked up with my friend. He agreed verbally, but not-so-secretly grabbed my business card off of the counter on his way out.

**But now, he has contacted me.***

We spent hours on the balcony talking, I got to know a little bit more about him. I actually like him, despite the situation. I'm not denying that pursuing this is just me being selfish, because it is. I wanted to get to know him bettter. There's an undeniable chemistry between him and I now, that I can't ignore. Does she have a claim over him forever? She will get over this in a few days when the next guy comes over anyways. Is he scum just because he picked a vulnerable girl to help him get over his ex? Is he a good guy for setting his expectations with her correctly? Should I shrug off her feelings because he is only one guy that I've seen out of 30 or so in the past year alone?
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Side 2 says... Yes, I like to hang out with guys.. So what? I'm not denying anything here.. I'm just more outgoing, and more fun than you are. I'll talk to anyone. I let things lead to wherever they lead to. It doesn't matter that we met him the same night, I showed interest in him first. I invited him over.

A good friend would NEVER do that to you. If you wanted a guy, you should have claimed dibbs on him yourself, and I would have backed off... You just dont do that if you are a real friend. I don't care if this guy is marriage material, you shouldn't contact him because of what he did to me.
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