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  • How Late Is Too Late?

    My husband and I have been married 13 1/2 years. We have two daughters, 10 and 12, and basically, a good marraige. But

    174   |   52   |   Marriage
  • To Obama Or Not To Obama...On Economic Policy

    Side 1 is for the people who believe the plan laid out by Obama on economic stimulus will work. Discussion will...

    388   |   3   |   Politics
  • Honey Boo Boo Vs. Presidential Debate

    I'm here to complain about my wife. She basically chooses to watch any show that's on TLC instead of watching

    22   |   4   |   Politics
  • Forgiving Student Debt Will Cause The Next Civil War!

    I hated Trump. Despised him. To see him go was so satisfying and yet now I'm completely being fleeced into...

    0   |   1   |   Politics
  • Dating My Son's Old High School Classmate

    My son is upset that I've begun dating a guy he went to school with years ago. To begin, I...

    34   |   30   |   Parent/Child
  • Top SEO Companies In Dubai

    You need to pick either brilliant and modest digital marketing agency in dubai to help your site's

    0   |   0   |   Workplace/Co-workers
  • Is Escape Rooms Are Better Than Other Games ?

    Imagine being in a dark-dungeon fighting a dragon to win the treasure or meeting the aliens in a spaceship! Sounds

    0   |   0   |   Entertainment
  • My Roommate Refuses To Turn The Fans Off

    My roommate always likes her fans on, but it is extremely cold outside. Our dorm has no A/C, but...

    0   |   0   |   Roommates
  • Flirting With My Brother

    Admittedly my wife is now flirting with my unmarried brother. He's better looking, makes about $10k more than I do,...

    32   |   5   |   Marriage
  • No Sex Here

    I am living in a sexless marriage. My wife is no longer attracted to me apparently because she finds better...

    107   |   53   |   Marriage
  • My Husband Invites Strangers To Our Home

    My husband hosts a podcast from our basement, and he'll occasionally invite local "celebrities" to interview them. i'm

    62   |   11   |   Marriage
  • Husband Looks At Teen Porn

    My husband has long had an interest in online pornography. I'm not thrilled with this aspect of our relationship but

    1,020   |   126   |   Marriage
  • Gadget Wiz

    Gadgets are usually useful things to keep. Therefore people having broken gadgets shouldn't get worried. Gadgetz.com

    0   |   0   |   Technology
  • Sports N Me

    Two different ways, which can't meet in this life.but I love to do it.Has now become an awesome...

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  • Asssignment Help

    Online Assignment help is a relationship for best endeavor help in UK affiliations. students should ceaselessly keep

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  • Will Trinity Seven Season 2 Come Out?

    I read this article and it seems like there's a possibility with how the 2nd movie ends we'd get a...

    0   |   0   |   Entertainment
  • I Miss My Husband...Terribly

    My husband of almost 7 years and the love of my life and my very best friend told me the end...

    1,409   |   141   |   Marriage
  • My Boyfriend Is Jealous Of My Guyfriend

    My LDR boyfriend and I have been together for two years. He moved to Florida only a few months into...

    41   |   9   |   Dating
  • Travis Scott Celebrates Birthday With A New $3 Million Bugatti

    Travis Scott had a delighted 29th birthday celebration, as he got caring wishes from Kylie Jenner, and included a new $3

    0   |   0   |   Entertainment
  • Domestic Travel Ban And Unable To Visit Loved Ones

    My children are scared in Italy and im in usa.My children are scared in Italy and im in usa....

    0   |   0   |   Dating

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