Marriage Sides

  • Husband Caught Watching "stepdaughter Porn"

    I was aware of my husband watching porn, that was never really an issue as long as i beleived it...

    11   |   5
  • In Hot Water Over A Coffee Order

    My folks text from a coffee shop, offering to bring us something. He says, "Order me a mocha or a...

    62   |   22
  • My Husband Invites Strangers To Our Home

    My husband hosts a podcast from our basement, and he'll occasionally invite local "celebrities" to interview them. i'm

    62   |   11
  • If He Strays I Won't Stay

    I have no sex drive anymore. It almost makes me sick to have sex anymore and I don't know why....

    73   |   34
  • No Sex Here

    I am living in a sexless marriage. My wife is no longer attracted to me apparently because she finds better...

    107   |   53
  • Every Single Time!

    My husband laughs at me no matter what I do. I yell at him and he laughs. I cry and...

    63   |   14
  • The Case For Having A Family

    We're in our mid 20s and we haven't had our lives turn out the way we hoped when we got...

    39   |   13
  • Where To Spend Thanksgiving Is The Issue

    We never had the problem before because his family has always been too far to go for such a short...

    34   |   8
  • Ever Been Told You're An Idiot?

    My husband has been increasingly violent tempered recently. He's been under pressure at work but then he comes home and

    36   |   12
  • Quitting Job To Start A Business

    I've always wanted to open a restaurant. I love to cook and the recipes I've created taste pretty exceptional according

    24   |   42
  • Showing People My Bad Photos

    My husband always shows all our guests the most embarrassing pictures because he thinks it is so funny. It devastates

    37   |   18
  • Need A Deodorant Changing Hubby

    I just discovered this site and it was perfect timing because I just got into a fight with my husband...

    24   |   25
  • Homemade Bidet Thing Isn't Funny Anymore

    My husband is obsessive with being clean and every single time he goes to the bathroom he has to shower...

    18   |   5
  • Too Much Drama And Control?

    As the husband, I get out of the house maybe 3 times a month. 1 poke night a month and I might...

    25   |   17
  • Nagging Over Sunblock

    I have never really had sunburn. I get red but I never peel. And I've lived on this earth for 37...

    23   |   12
  • Squeaky Doors In The House

    There's things guys shouldn't have to do but there's also things they should. Fixing squeaks on doors is one of...

    23   |   16
  • Need For Friends Over Family

    We've struggled with this a long time and now it's bubbling to the surface. I can't get any good answers...

    29   |   16
  • He Stinks And It Makes Me Sick

    When I was pregnant with my first child right after we got married . My husband scent was so bad it...

    20   |   15
  • We Are Not Irish!

    All this big build up for this weekend and my man thinks he needs to celebrate it the entire weekend!...

    23   |   0
  • Married & Now Find Out About A Prostitute

    We've been married 6 years. We met up with my husband's friend and his wife for dinner on Friday. This is...

    35   |   34

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