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Side 1 says... My husband laughs at me no matter what I do. I yell at him and he laughs. I cry and he tries to hide a smile. He picks on me until I reach one of those two points and then he still laughs about it. I can't understand why he does it! It makes me so mad and he only gets worse once it starts. He is the biggest instigator I've ever met and it's becoming so annoying that I'm ready to walk out on him. Just little things. I will just be sitting on the couch and just the way he says something I know right away he's looking for an irritated response.

It might be fun for him but it is killing our marriage. He just doesn't respect me. I know it.
Added by averyrandall (female)
Side 2 says... This is completely true. I do this a lot and I don't apologize for it much.

The only real reason is it's the only way I can get her to clean.

She gets so mad she jumps up off the couch, walks around slamming doors, an then finally settles in to cleaning up whatever is laying around. Bathrooms. Kitchen. You name it.

It's awesome.

My approach is probably not the best but it's been the most effective I've taken so I can't say I'm 100% wrong in taking it. I love my wife. Sorry, sweetheart (but it's probably gonna keep happening here and there).
Added by murph80 (male)
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