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Side 1 says... All this big build up for this weekend and my man thinks he needs to celebrate it the entire weekend! It is seriously driving me nuts. I don't need to be going to bars and he's old enough not to need it either.

It is not just St. Patrick's Day. He will find a reason to go out for any occasion. He's not black but will drink for MLK. He's not a veteran but will be sloshed all Memorial Day weekend. I realize "everyone" does it and it's the "cool" thing to do but that just makes him average and not as appealing as someone with a little bit of being different. SSDD.

I'd rather travel or do something other than be hungover on holiday's and long weekends. he's 45. Don't you think it's time he grew up and did something else?
Added by janni (female)
Side 2 says... Please take the stick out! I'm having fun. This is still fun for me. We never had kids and honestly life gets boring being about just us. At least at the bar I can have a good time with our friends. We travel at least 3 times a year for about a week each. Is that not enough? We aren't rich and I knw going to the bar is more expensive than drinking at home but at least it has atmosphere and is still cheaper than a holiday weekend excursion (much cheaper).

I grew up and realized you only live once. I am. I'm not worried today that I missed out on a weekend at the beach. My face will still have a smile on it today and I guarantee I'll laugh a lot. I hope you find a way to do that too.
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