Nagging Over Sunblock

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Side 1 says... I have never really had sunburn. I get red but I never peel. And I've lived on this earth for 37 years. So that's enough reason why I think I can choose to wear suntan lotion or not. I dont because I can't stand the way it feels on my body. I hate to rub it in and It makes me feel dirty when I leave the beach.

I am uninterested in the UV ray argument and how I should wear it for that. That may be true and it may be preventitive but my argument lies with my wife insisting I wear it and copping an attitude when I say no. I have a better time without it. She should respect that. I wouldn't even bring it up if she hadn't mentioned it over 20 times since summer started. It's one thing to hear it once a week when I'm mowing the lawn but it's a whole other thing hearing it everyday more than once a day on vacation. It's just annoying and needs to stop.
Added by halfwitty (male)
Side 2 says... I hate to ask but I feel it's my job as your wife to help you take care of yourself. You aren't just in the yard for a few hours on vacation. you are out at least 5 hours straight on the beach in sun worse than ours at home. It's not good for you to not protect yourself at all. I know you don't burn but I am bringing up the UV rays because I think you think skin cancer is a girl thing when it isn't at all. I've even heard you say it.

I'll quit nagging if I lose.
Added by happy76 (female)
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