Should I be worried about my husbands business trips?

My husband has six business trips this year, each of them lasting five nights. The reason for the trips are because he is getting his auto dealer certification, and attends classes on these trips. People from all over the country also attend, but we live about one hour away from where they are held. He stays at a hotel, along with most of the other people. He's coming up on his fourth trip.
He's made friends of course, but my concern is that he only communicates with two of them, both female. He texts them when the trips are coming up, saying he's so excited. One of them texted him on NYE, saying happy new year and love ya. The last trip was on Valentine's Day, he left home around 3PM. Claimed that a bunch of them were meeting to go over their homework.
I found an icon for Instagram on his phone when he got back from his trip. There was a photo of him at a basketball game with the two girls and another guy. Another photo of those same three and two others at a bar. Another photo of my husband, two girls, and the same guy sitting at the hotel bar. All were dressed nicely. Two girls had one rose sitting on the bar in front of them. Either the roses were from the hotel being that it was Valentines Day, or they were sold at the bar/hotel and my husband and the guy bought each girl one. I got nothing for Valentines Day for the first time in our ten years together, so I was upset seeing that photo. Also upset that he has Instagram and never told me about it.
We have four kids and I stay home all day. He rarely goes out, maybe three times a year, but when he does it's always spur of the moment. Last night he left at 5 for dinner with coworkers, including his dad and brother. Told me he would be home by 9, texted me at 10:30 that he was out with his brother and another guy, got home at 2:30. When he's home he's usually sleeping, which is fine because his schedule is pretty all over the place. But it makes me wonder why he always sleeps when he's home with his family but if he's with coworkers, his brother, or at his business trips he manages to stay awake.
I can feel myself becoming anxious about his upcoming trip. I know that he and the girls are texting each other based on past behavior. I've never met these girls, so I have no idea about their personalities or intentions. I wouldn't text another woman's husband that I missed them and couldn't wait to see them if I didn't know her because I feel that is stepping over a line, but I also know that not everyone feels that way. I believe men and women can have friends of the opposite sex, but also feel that if they're married the spouse should know those friends.
I don't know what I'm asking specifically, I just wonder if I'm being ridiculous?
By Jennifer1672 8 years ago :: Marriage
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