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Side 1 says... I recently purchased a new three bedroom home. It is my first house. My boyfriend and I moved in together although, he did not want to be involved in buying a home. The house has three bedrooms a living room formal dining and den. When we moved in he stated that he needed an office where he could have piece and quiet and although my desk is slightly larger he has one of the bedrooms as his office, the second bedroom he has taken over and decided to sleep in during the week and usually most weekends (we both snore) again he needs his piece and quiet. I had wanted to use one of the rooms in order to do crafts and use as a guest room. The living room is decorated with mostly my furniture and that is where the TV is. The den is not decorated at all and has his throne, stereo and his couch and my desk. The room is not atheistically pleasing it is not set up well and needs to be redone. This room also has the entrance to the backyard and is where our dogs hang out most of the time, and where guests tend to hang out when we have a BBQ. This weekend I brought home a new recliner for myself to be placed in the den and planned to rearrange the room and make it look nicer I did not plan to move his chair, however, I did plan on possibly moving the stereo or the couch. He went ballistic stating I had no right to move anything in his room and I had no right to put a chair in the den. His statement is I am not in the room enough to warrant a place to sit and it is his room!!! He is right I am not in the room a lot partly because there is no where comfortable for me to sit. I believe that he is just being selfish; his statement is that I am being selfish by even wanting to put a chair in the den. He has countered that by stating then he is going to put a chair in the living room, do that I said fine if he wants a chair in the living room then I will find a place for it. Who is being selfish? Am I being selfish for wanting to make a room look better and for wanting a comfortable place to sit in the den?
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Side 2 says... There's not enough room in the den to accomodate another chair so forcing another chair in the room will make it less aesthetically appealing--not more. Additionally, the color of the chair is not a good match with the existing furniture. And there's no way we would have purchased that color of a chair. But we got it free so now my girlfried wants to force a square peg in a round hole. And the recliner and a full size couch is plenty of room for the two of us. If we have company, we can hang out in the large living room or the large size deck.
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