Roommate Window Argument

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Side 1 says... Okay so I am in college and my roommate and I share a room. She always wants the window open even when she's not in the room. The window is on my side of the room next to my bed, and I get cold very easily (especially since it's currently WINTER) and in addition to the cold, we are right by a main street, which has lots of traffic, so it gets noisy too. I can't sleep through the noise, while she can. She says that because it's half her room, she has the right to have it open. I agree, but I also feel that it's half my room, and I have the right to have it closed, especially when she can use her fan for air conditioning, and ESPECIALLY since it's directly over MY bed. I have already suggested trading sides, but she doesn't want to do that.
Added by pinkpanda376 (female)
Side 2 says... ok so our room gets really stuffy and i hate having a stuffy room i know its over her bed but she can add on a couple blankets or something to stay warm i have just as much right as she does to open the window i pay equal share and it pisses me off when she says i can't open the window i like it open and i want it open
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