My Boyfriend Is The Guy You Hate

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Side 1 says... I get so irritated going out with him because he is one of the people who takes 2 spaces for his car or he parks so far to the one side there isn't enough room to get a car in to the other side. I hate it and he doesn't care. He doesnt even get upset when people swear at him for doing it. he thinks it is ok because he thinks he was there first.

I try to tell him to park far away if he is worried people will hit his car or scratch it but he doesn't want to walk. He is a nice guy usually but he loves his car. Like loves it. It's not even new.
Added by nelly (female)
Side 2 says... I don't do this always. I do this where I know I'm a regular. I go certain places and I think I deserve a space close to the door. I give them enough business that they dont even question me. I do it all the time. I think they would rather let me park that way then lose my business. And I do it because of old people. They are bad drivers and can't park ever. So if they can't fit near me I dont have to worry. My car is a vintage car. It's cherry and worth a lot of money. I don't need some young asshole driving hteir daddy's car to swing open their door the whole way and blasting my car with it. No. sorry. I'd rather take two spots then let that happen.
Added by whataguy (male)
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