Guns In The House

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Side 1 says... I'm not comfortable with them and I don't want them in my house. We don't have kids so I'm not worried about that. I don't believe in lethal force and think by having a lethal weapon like a gun is just a precursor for disaster. I've read stories about people invading homes but I've also heard of people being confused or mentally ill and not understanding they are in the wrong place. They have no ill intent and aren't out to hurt anyone. What if they are mistaken ad a robber? Wouldn't you feel terrible to shoot or kill someone like that?

There's too many trigger happy people in the world for it to be a good thing to have guns in the home.
Added by blissful7 (female)
Side 2 says... There are to many crazies out there not to bare arms. I believe in the castle laws and I will shoot to kill if you enter my home as an intruder. I'm not a trigger-happy nutjob but I will protect my home. To go a step further I also believe in open carry laws because you never know who is going to approach you.

The world is in tough times and there are many desperate people out there looking to survive and will do what it takes to get there. Smith & Wesson's revenues have had hockey stick growth in recent years. Isn't that enough indication that more people are thinking like me and the world is getting scarier by the day.

Guns are lethal weapons but so is a baseball bat, a knife, or even a pencil. When you're forced into a corner with an aggressor, I'd rather have the gun so I can keep some distance between me and them.
Added by narwal (male)
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