Space Mountain

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Side 1 says... My partner and I made a friendly bet about whether Space Mountain was the ride inside the Epcott Ball. I thought it was; she didn't. As it turns out, the ride inside the Epcott Ball is called Spaceship Earth. I have actually visited Disney World and taken the ride in the Epcott Ball, but always thought it had been called Space Mountain. My partner feels that she won the bet. Neither of us knew that Disney had two pitch black roller coaster rides with very similar names. Did she win the bet or is it a tie?
Added by LucyRussell (female)
Side 2 says... This "bet" originated after an episode of "The Golden Girls" which clearly referenced "Space Mountain" and even showed an image of Space Mountain on the screen. This ride has been in existence since I was a child (at least the '70's) and it is not my fault that my partner is a pop culture illiterate and was unaware of the difference between "Space Mountain" and some ride in Epcot that also contains the word "space." The bet was clearly placed on whether the Epcot ball contained a ride called "Space Mountain." It does not. End of story. p.s. This is all over $2. My partner is a highly paid attorney.
Added by Vindolalia (female)
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