Who is right? Please help on this one.

Okay so, I have been engaged in a dispute with a few classmates of mine. So there is this project in one of our classes and we had to sign up for a day in which we would present it. There are two positions on each day and my fellow classmates signed up in slot number one and we signed up in slot number two. A few weeks later they had not chosen their topic yet and my group had put in ours probably 3 minutes before they had. Then they came over to us and say that we must change our topic because they chose the same one. My group and I were completely done with our project and they were half way through with their project on the same topic. Who deserves to do the project? My group which chose their topic first and finished first or their group that was first on the presentation day and could choose first.
By CooperStadler 10 years ago :: General
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