It's You're, Not Your

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Side 1 says... I don't know why she gets irritated when I correct her but she needs to be told by others it is a serious problem. It's not like she has misspelled it; she is using the wrong word completely. I will give her hell about it every time. To me it promotes low intelligence and if I were a person who didn't know her I would have serious doubts about her ability to do anything.

She is embarrassed when I do it on her facebook wall. I just say stop and I won't.

In this country we need people not to stop worrying about their grammar.
Added by pottermore (male)
Side 2 says... He pissed me off so bad the other day. Facebook is not the grammar police. Only a couple of people care on there. There is no reason why I should have to worry about how I spell on there or why people should give me crap over it.

I called him a jackass for correcting me. 17 people liked the comment.

What's that say?
Added by sarahdidit (female)
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