•  4.94/5
    Robert Betancourt
    MA, Professional Counseling, Therapist
    Skip The Coffee and Give Each Other Some Decaf and a few mins. of godly counsel and find your joyful solutions. I was saved you can too. Professional with experience. $1.50/minute
  •  4.85/5
    Rafael Morales Toia
    You got married because of different reasons; and you stay married also because of different reasons. It is only in the process that you find out how things truly work or not. $1.48/minute
  •  4.84/5
    Rafael Richman
    Are you feeling stuck, trapped in the same patterns that repeat over and over? Are you feeling angry, alone, unappreciated and unheard? Reach out now for help. $1.63/minute
  •  4.91/5
    Carol Cohen
    Marital problems? Let me help work with you alone or with your partner to help sort out and resolve those issues affecting your marriage. $1.75/minute
  •  4.92/5
    Milton Mankoff
    Ph.D.; LMSW
    I provide marriage counseling for couples facing problems with communication, anger management, sexual problems, trust issues, among others. Nonjudgmental, practical advice. $1.38/minute
  •  4.93/5
    Mary Lee Palmer
    If we really look, we can learn more about ourselves within a marriage than anywhere else. $1.48/minute
  •  4.9/5
    Andrea McCrary PhD
    PHD, LMHC, MS, MEd
    Do you feel lost in your marriage and don't know which way to turn? Do you feel like your partner doesn't understand you? Let's talk about solutions. $1.25/minute
  •  4.82/5
    Beverly Burroughs, LCSW
    30 years experience working with couples and marital issues. I do not take sides. Feel free to contact me. $1.00/minute
  •  4.84/5
    Moushumi Ghose
    MA, MFT
    Are you experiencing loss or lack of intimacy in your relationship? Feelings of guilt, anxiety, fear or difficulties with sex or sexuality? $2.99/minute

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