Computers & Programming

  •  4.96/5
    I can provide expert guidance in C/C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET, Matlab, Databases (MySQL, MSSQL, MS-Access), HTML, CSS, ASP.NET etc. $0.25/minute
  •  4.61/5
    I have great expertise in JAVA, Asp,.Net, C, C++, C#,, MS SQL, Mysql, Oracle, MS Access, HTML, ERD, UML, Python, Use Cases, and DFD. $0.25/minute
  •  4.7/5
    I am a highly experienced Linux guru and C/C++ & Perl programmer. $5.00/minute
  •  4.94/5
    PHP MySql Web Services
    Industry Standard expertise in web based applications using PHP, MySQL Ajax Apache Linux and IIS ASP SQL as well. Remote Assistance for Java Errors 100% Fix PC Laptop issues $0.25/minute
  •  4.46/5
    D. Danu
    Expert in programming in C/C++/Java, Algorithm development, Unix systems, MPI, Multiprocessing with MPI etc. $0.83/minute
  •  4/5
    contact me for mentoring and tutoring. I have an Engineering degree with an MBA and different programming certifications including Java,C, C++ and Matlab. $0.50/minute
  •  4.43/5
    I am a mentor and my field of expertise include computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and programming C, C++, Matlab and Java $0.50/minute
  •  0/5
    Shabir Ahmad
    I have 7 years of experience in providing mentoring services in Computers & Programming. Contact me now. $1.50/minute

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