Psychic Reading

  •  4.89/5
    Love Stefans Psychic Soul
    Do they love me? Are they truthful? Will we be together? How can I change the situation? Will they call?. If these are questions you have of your situation allow me to help as I have done for many returning clients before you. $5.56/minute
  •  4.93/5
    Spirit Speaks
    23 Years of Professional Psychic Experience ,Predictions that comes true,Time frames,Fast typist,I have been blessed with a gift to use to enrich your life in many ways….... $12.50/minute
  •  4.82/5
    I inherit psychic abilities from my family. I can help you resolve your situation with my spiritual guidance. You'll find me a compassionate and empathetic lady with great natural insight and intuition into peoples lives and problems. $15.00/minute
  •  4.91/5
    In celebration of crossing the *10,000* ratings mark, brand new video has been added! Come in to watch & chat now! $2.44/minute
  •  4.86/5
    Love Psychic Indi
    Psychic, Intuitive, Clairvoyant Reader, Empathy Healing & Prospective Medium. Direct & spot on answers, accurate predictions & time frames, 18.5K+ reviews, 21years exp $4.00/minute
  •  4.96/5
    Danielle Psychic
    Born clairaudient. One of the most detailed psychics. DO NOT give me dobs. $3.00/minute
  •  4.89/5
    Supernormal Soul
    My Psychic Reading will "unveil the hidden events". You’ll Do they love me? Is it true that they are honest? Will we be as one? How might I change the circumstance? Will they call? On the off chance that these are questions you have of your circumstance e $3.49/minute
  •  4.84/5
    Divine Master
    35 years experience reader, guide you what your future holds in love, marriage, career path, reunite, honest reading no sugar coating fast type….. $3.50/minute
  •  4.86/5
    Love Psychic Michael G
    I provide IN DEPTH DETAILED SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC readings with compassion and empathy. SPECIFIC AND HONEST answers. Compassionate. Lightning fast! $15.00/minute