•  4.85/5
    David James Psychic Wisdom
    One of the highest rated psychic advisors on Kasamba. Over 30,000 reviews. I can help you traverse the twisted path of fate. You are not alone. $3.50/minute
  •  4.83/5
    I am a real deal Psychic I can advise accurately about love and all its related issues $5.00/minute
  •  4.92/5
    PAT Angels Messenger
    Secrets revealed -Learn from an Expert in Metaphysics & the Occult, All Questions answered~FAST Typist, Removing all blocks with my energy $4.50/minute
  •  4.96/5
    Questions and concerns about the Occult and how you can utilize it to help you with your path? Let me guide you! $5.00/minute
  •  4.89/5
    Super Expert Powers
    Occult is best way and very good blessings for a psychic to read others and i also use my psychic powers and gifts to gives very accurate readings and answers. You will get amazed to have a psychic reading with me and i am top rated and top ranking psychic $3.00/minute
  •  4.96/5
    Love Psychic Anais Aleka
    Top-5-star psychic/clairvoyant and spirit guided insights to unfold the secrets of your Life: Love, Relationship, Soul-mate Connection, Finance, Self-development & Inner Peace $15.00/minute
  •  4.96/5
    I am a psychic occult master. I can answer all your questions about love, relationships, money, career and more. Discover what lies in your future with a psychic occult reading. I have been providing psychic occult readings and guidance to people all ov $4.50/minute
  •  4.76/5
    Seer Magdalena
    Multi-generational green witch. I work with the balance of light and dark, and with the energies of the Earth. I can guide you in negative energy lifting, love , and money and healing. $2.22/minute
  •  4.8/5
    Esoteric Advisor
    Life is full of ups and downs and darkness...Let me help you through Occult to overcome these dark forces that surround you and have a true understanding of your positive life. $3.93/minute