Career Coaching

  •  4.94/5
    Robert Betancourt
    MA, Professional Counseling, Therapist
    Work you can love. 25+ years experience in helping people find careers they dream of through support and practical solutions that work. "one of the best therapists here." $1.50/minute
  •  4.95/5
    Tracy Ann, LICSW
    Caring, supportive, down to earth; and here to guide you through any difficulties. You are not alone! Excellent supportive coaching skills. $1.38/minute
  •  4.91/5
    Barbara Freedman
    Mental Health Worker
    I can offer you help with finding a career that is the best fit for you, along with teaching you job finding skills, to secure the job which best matches your needs. $1.25/minute
  •  5/5
    Iain Sandy
    It's more than just the resume - it's strategy, direction, next steps, balance. Call me. Certified Coach. 30 years of business experience. I will help you excel. $1.50/minute
  •  5/5
    Coach Gwen
    Get the job you want! Career Coaching & Life Skills training. 15+ years coaching and helping people with work & life balance. $1.28/minute
  •  4.93/5
    Marwan Stanford
    Let me assist you in achieving your career goals. $1.00/minute
  •  4.87/5
    Lynaire McGovern
    Non-judgmental, caring and experienced therapist available to listen or empower you to find a solution to your problem quickly. 10 years experience! $1.20/minute
  •  4.87/5
    Kathleen Finnegan
    MA LPC
    Licensed Professional Counselor and "coach." 30 years of experience. solution focused strategies to motivate and empower. $1.50/minute
  •  5/5
    Katherine Guevara
    Motivational Expert -years of experience. Practical advice and support that will fuel better feelings and emotions for you that inspire positive life changes. $1.00/minute

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